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Clariant presents leading Bentonite products and solutions at Metal + Metallurgy China exhibition

Shanghai, May 5 , 2014 — Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is showcasing its leading solutions and products at the forthcoming Metal + Metallurgy China exhibition. This is taking place on 19 - 22 May at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China.

Clariant is one of the leading Bentonite companies in the world, with more than 100 years of history in the Bentonite business, leveraging resources from the former Süd-Chemie company, which was integrated into the Clariant group in 2011. The successful integration has resulted in more global resources and expertise being applied to provide even better customer service and product availability in the China market.

"We started producing high performance foundry Bentonite in Jianping, Liaoning of China about a decade ago, followed by new facilities set up in Zhenjiang and Jiangsu respectively," said SangHyun Lee, Head of BL Absorbents, North East Asia, BU Functional Minerals .

"China is our core foundry market and core production base, because China is one of the leading automotive production countries in the world with great growth opportunity. In addition, the country's huge, high-quality Bentonite reserves promise strong prospects in streamlining the whole supply chain."

Clariant's high quality foundry Bentonite and dedicated services have contributed not only to improve casting quality, but also state-of-the-art automatic high-speed casting production in China. Key products to be featured at the Metal + Metallurgy China exhibition include:


GEKO BVB is a highly functional sodium-based Bentonite. As a sand-type binder, it is widely used in the foundry industry. Its excellent properties include good performance in highly humid state, excellent thermal stability and water resistance; and high liquidity and plasticity.

Premixed ECOSIL® P 70 & ECOSIL® P 65

ECOSIL® P 70 and ECOSIL® P 65 are foundry additive mixtures between GEKO® P and ECOSIL® Product range. They are used for binding greensand molding in a wide range of foundry applications and presents particular natural effects. Their respective compositions are 70% of Bentonite with 30% high Lustrous Carbon Former and 65% of Bentonite with 35% high Lustrous Carbon Former.

Bulk Delivery

As a supplier of sustainable solutions and services, Clariant led the industry by becoming the first company in the field to provide an innovative delivery solution: all Bentonite and premix products are available in bulk delivery, minimizing the possible impact to the environment.

With a history of over 20 years, the Metal + Metallurgy China exhibition has been regarded as the largest exhibition in the hot metal processing industry in Asia and the second largest in the world by providing a professional platform for Chinese and overseas companies to meet clients, as well as to stay at the forefront of market trends. Clariant will be exhibiting its products and innovations at booth No: 2B16 in Hall W2 of the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing .


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