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Clariant Promotes Sustainability in Personal Care

  • EcoTain® label for natural, sustainably produced and efficient products
  • Awarded to 25 innovative cosmetic ingredients
  • EcoTain concept is an integral part of Clariant's sustainability strategy
Muttenz, August 20, 2014 - Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, underlines its commitment to sustainability with the launch of its EcoTain® concept for the personal care sector. The company responds to the growing demand for sustainable personal care products that use natural ingredients, as consumers place increasing emphasis on health, wellness and environmental aspects.

Sustainability is the cornerstone of the EcoTain label, which provides a means of measuring and understanding the ecological, economic and social impact of Clariant's products over the entire value chain. The EcoTain four-step concept was developed to further ensure human health and environmental protection without compromising on the performance or efficiency of Clariant's products.

More than 25 cosmetic ingredients in six categories — emollients, emulsifiers, mild surfactants, pearlizers, actives, preservatives & boosters — have already been awarded the EcoTain label which promises sustainable excellence at every step. Various sustainability criteria distinguish these products that are manufactured according to highest quality, safety and sustainability standards. These include the use of natural ingredients, provision of preferable alternatives to undesirable substances, suitability for skin-friendly formulations, and handling and processing benefits, among others.

"Sustainability is an integral part of Clariant's overall corporate strategy and we have set ourselves ambitious goals for the years ahead", underlines Christian Kohlpaintner, member of Clariant's Executive Committee. "The company participates actively in various sustainability initiatives and programs, and moves beyond regulatory and current standards by developing own initiatives, like EcoTain."

Clariant has initiated the "Portfolio Value Program" that will improve the overall sustainability of the company and by which Clariant specifically addresses and further promotes sustainability integration focused on its product portfolio. The development of new products with an excellent sustainability profile over the whole life cycle is an essential part of the company's strategy and Clariant's ambition to create value for its customers and for end-consumers.

In September 2013, Clariant's sustainability efforts were officially recognized by its inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI Europe).

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