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Clariants multitalented TOXISORBreg leads the way in effective and 100 natural feedstuff detoxification

Die Rund-um-Lösung für natürlich entgiftete Futtermittel: TOXISORB®. (Foto: Clar...

  • Natural clay minerals against mould fungi in animal feed
  • Highly effective, low dosage FAMI-QS-certified products
  • Removal of mycotoxins contributes to keeping animals healthy and safer meat and dairy produce
Munich, November 11, 2014 - Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, offers the farming industry a 100% natural solution for effectively eliminating the harmful effects of feed-related mycotoxins on livestock. When added to feedstuff, Clariant's clay mineral detoxifiers, TOXISORB® Classic and unique broadband talent TOXISORB Premium, deactivate mycotoxins, contributing to animal health and safer meat and dairy produce.

Mycotoxin poisons originating from mould fungi in contaminated animal feed are detrimental to an animal's health and overall growth potential. The mycotoxins prevent an animal from achieving 100% of its natural capability and can lead to serious illness. Their negative impact can cause economic losses through reduced animal health as well as eventual loss of productivity for a farmer, for example through reduced milk or meat production. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), about 25% of feed worldwide is critically contaminated.

Clariant's natural TOXISORB adsorbents immobilize and deactivate mycotoxins when mixed into animal feed formulations. When consumed, they are highly efficient in removing mycotoxins. The FAMI-QS-certified products typically need only minimal dosage of 1-4 kg per ton of animal feed. Both products are suitable for all kinds and ages of animals and all feedstuffs.

TOXISORB Classic is the allrounder for the adsorptive removal of Aflatoxins – the most harmful toxin.

Clariant takes protection to the next level with an innovative product covering the majority of toxins caused by mould fungi in animal feed. TOXISORB Premium is a broadband solution binding up to 90% of polar and non-polar toxins including those in the digestive tract, such as the large-molecular-weight endotoxins and enterotoxins which are produced by certain bacteria only after reaching the digestive tract.

When consumed, TOXISORB attracts and binds toxins in the digestive tract of the animal before they can cause damage. The nutrients in the feed pass through the mineral unhindered. So bound, the toxins are prevented from further transfer into the animal's bloodstream - a positive benefit in avoiding contamination within the food chain.

The now inactive mycotoxins are eliminated with the digestive waste products still bound to the TOXISORB product. The return of the clay to nature gives an added benefit for farmers and the environment, by improving soil quality when used as field dung.

"TOXISORB presents the farming and feedstuff industry with a highly effective way of protecting livestock animals against dangerous mycotoxins in feed," comments Tobias Kahr, Regional Sales Manager EMEA Business Unit Functional Minerals Clariant. "Clariant's sustainable approach for eliminating toxic substances in a natural manner is an important step in creating more sustainable farming and addressing the global food challenge."

Clariant is presenting TOXISORB for the first time at EuroTier 2014 in Hannover, Germany, from November 11-14, 2014 (Booth 17B21). Clariant is currently preparing the registration of TOXISORB as a feed additive for the Canadian, US and European market.

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