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Clariant’s Additives address needs of India’s Auto and E&E industry

  • Clariant @PlastIndia – Booth D6, Hall no 10R
  • Showcases innovative solutions in Flame retardants, Polymer additives and Waxes range (Licocene® and Montan)
  • Indian compounding industry catering to specific needs of Auto and E&E manufacturers to benefit from Clariant’s range of additives solutions

Mumbai, February 5, 2015 - Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals focused on the theme - Discovering Value Through Innovation, at PlastIndia 2015. The highlights of Clariant’s Additives range include AddWorks®, Exolit® OP, and Montan and Licocene® range of waxes, tailor-made to suit needs of India’s growing Automotive and Electronics & Electrical industries.

Mr. Prashant Kulkarni, Head – Additives, Clariant in India said, "Clariant is committed to support automobile and E&E manufacturers to make fire safety and sustainability a realistic and achievable goal. Another noticeable trend is that, these industries are becoming more demanding in terms of stringent quality requirements. Our range of process-efficient additives solutions is thus best suited to the transforming needs of the Indian market."

Mr. Pot Passakonjaras, Head – Additives (Asia), Clariant International added, "At Clariant, Innovation means offering precious, tailormade solutions that are shaped by the needs of our customers."

The auto industry in India is seeing huge growth with an increase in domestic sales as well as production. Besides, India is also gaining a prime status as an exports hub for automobiles. On the other hand, favorable demographics and urbanization trends are boosting the electronics & electrical industry in India. "These industries are creating increasing demand for wide range of plastics for which Clariant is offering an array of solutions," added Mr. Kulkarni.

In Focus: AddWorks range

AddWorks range of polymer additives by Clariant are tailored formulations designed to bring a fundamental change in providing multiple benefits such as improved productivity, significant energy savings, stability and durability of converted parts, in addition to protection. "Our customized solutions in the AddWorks range respond to market and regulatory demands for more environmental-friendly solutions that can address specific performance challenges of engineering thermoplastics," said Mr. Passakonjaras. With this range, Clariant will support the growing electronics & electrical industry, along with automobiles, packaging, infrastructure, agriculture and textiles industries in India with this range of polymer additives.

In Focus: Exolit OP range

Exolit OP phosphinate-based non-halogenated flame retardants for various polymer systems address the key challenges of modern vehicle manufacturers, which is seeing an increasing trend toward lightweight structural parts. "The global transport sector is faced with a rising number of regulatory challenges as stricter flammability and emissions requirements are introduced. Combining its advanced health and environmental profile, efficient dosage and excellent flammability performance, Exolit flame retardants support manufacturers by making a significant contribution to sustainability in the industry," Mr. Passakonjaras.

In Focus: Waxes

From its broad portfolio of specialty waxes, Clariant is focusing on the added-value for plastics manufacturers offered by Montan wax specialties, which reduce cycle times significantly and provide excellent release and flow properties for injection molded polyamides and polyesters; and also the innovative Licocene grades that offer high performance Masterbatches, for the growing plastics processing industry in the country.

Clariant is showcasing its solutions at PlastIndia 2015, Booth D6, Hall no 10R.

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