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Clariant Oil Services launches breakthrough SCALETREAT® FeS iron sulfide scale inhibitor

  • Truly inhibits iron sulfide scale formation at threshold concentrations
  • Patented technology requires signficantly less dosage rates than current market alternatives
  • Maximizes oil production while lowering operating costs
Houston, TX, May 19, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in Specialty Chemicals, introduces SCALETREAT® FeS iron sulfide scale inhibitor, which offers a paradigm shift for inhibiting iron sulfide scale. Counter to the standard practice of allowing scale to form and relying on a chelating option or dissolver for removal, the new high-performance SCALETREAT FeS prevents scale formation in the first place, and the resultant damage, at considerably lower dosages than existing chemistries, such as THPS (tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate) and Acrolein.

"Iron sulfide scale formations cause well failures and, therefore, result in lost production and costly repairs," says Dr. Jonathan Wylde, global head of innovation for Clariant Oil Services. "Our innovative SCALETREAT FeS chemistry controls iron sulfide and other sulfide scales and allows oil producers to reduce their chemical spend, while, at the same time, dramatically increasing running days of their wells and production facilities."

A low-dose, continuous injection iron sulfide scale inhibitor, Clariant Oil Services' patented SCALETREAT FeS also targets and inhibits sulfide scales of zinc and lead. Field-proven, SCALETREAT FeS also slowly dissolves existing iron sulfide deposits at threshold concentrations levels as much as 50 percent lower than the market's benchmark THPS product. Furthermore, the scale inhibitor is effective over a broad range of temperature, pressure and salinity conditions.

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