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Clariant presents its active healthcare packaging solutions for China pharmaceutical industry

Clariant Desiccant Canisters – active healthcare packaging solultions. (Photo: Clariant)

  • Full line of rigid desiccant canisters and capsules to be featured at the API China exhibition
  • Recent acquisition of healthcare packaging company VitaPac has strengthened Clariant's capability and product offerings
Shanghai, May 4, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in Specialty Chemicals, today announced that the company will take part in the forthcoming API China exhibition to be held on 15 - 18 May 2015 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. API China is the leading exhibition for the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector covering products from raw material, fine chemical, intermediate, ingredients, processing machinery and packaging machinery. Clariant will feature its line of desiccant canisters and capsules designed especially for the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry of China is growing quickly at 15%-16% annually with output of 800,000 tons of pharmaceutical ingredients. One of the biggest challenges met by the growing industry is a secured means of storage for the proper protection of healthcare products. Even within plastic containers, tablets and pills can still be exposed to moisture and oxygen that permeate the package from the outside environment. It does not only affect the chemical and physical stability of drugs but could also leave undesirable odors.

To overcome such challenge for the pharmaceutical industry, seasoned healthcare packaging solution providers like Clariant are supplying the industry with desiccants designed especially for the protection of drugs. They preserve drug products by addressing the moisture that can enter the microenvironment of the package from various sources, including moisture trapped in the headspace during packaging or released from the drug product itself, moisture vapor transmission through pharmaceutical bottle walls throughout shelf life and ingress during open-close cycles by the patient.

Desiccant canisters, small cylindrical containers filled with active agents, can be inserted at high rates of speed into pharmaceutical bottles and have become the gold standard of pharmaceutical desiccants. Clariant's full line of rigid desiccant canisters and capsules lead the industry when controlled atmosphere packaging is required to control moisture, odor and other volatiles. The active packaging platform is customizable with various sorbent materials. Ideal for pharmaceutical packaging and nutritional packaging, they are available with silica gel, bentonite clay and molecular sieve.

Clariant's expertise and capability in delivering healthcare packaging solution was strengthened last year when it acquired the former VitaPac, a company known for its innovative, technology-driven product lines addressing pharmaceutical stability and shelf life. The acquisition complements the portfolio of Clariant's Business Line Medical Specialties within its Business Unit Masterbatches. The acquired manufacturing facility located in Dongguan, southeast China, has added to the manufacturing capability and capacity of Clariant to supply to its customers in the fast-growing healthcare industry of China as well as other regions globally.

"Our customers find Canisters a proven and growing form of moisture control for pharmaceutical applications, which can be tailored in different combinations for specific needs and humidity levels. Our newly acquired production facility in Dongguan has made the products even more accessible for those customers in the Greater China region, especially when customization is needed," explains Albert Zhao, Head of Sales Asia Pacific and Operation China, Clariant Healthcare Packaging.

Clariant's desiccant canisters meet the US FDA standards for direct contact with food and drugs. In addition, Clariant offers desiccants that are integrated into product packaging in three different ways: dropped-in; integrated into a closure or in the bottom of the container; or embedded directly into the polymer matrix of the container or another packaging component. During the 3-day show at API China Clariant will showcase its products and solutions in Hall 2 at Booth No.2L88. Clariant's technical and cusomter service teams will be available on-site to explain products in detail and to answer any question from the visitors.

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