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Clariant promotes high tech solutions for the plastics industry during Feiplastic 2015

  • Clariant will showcase its pigment, masterbatch and additive product lines, as well as unique services like the ColorForward® color trend book
  • Sustainability and high performance are key concepts in the development of the company's products
  • Clariant's team at Feiplastic 2015, Booth A400, from May 4 to 8, at the Anhembi Expo Center, São Paulo
São Paulo, May 5, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is participating in the Feiplastic 2015 (International Plastics Fair), showcasing its extensive portfolio of products and services for the industry. Feiplastic is the plastics industry's most important event in Latin America and is taking place between May 4 and 8 at the Anhembi Expo Center in São Paulo.

Clariant continuously invests in new technological platforms, offering the plastics industry innovations that address current market trends, particularly for high performance products that are aligned with sustainability concepts. During Feiplastic, the company will promote its pigment, masterbatch and additive product lines, as well as distinct services like the ColorForward® color trend book.

"ColorForward turns 10 in 2015, demonstrating its importance as a tool for designers and marketing professionals in the development of colors for their products," highlights Antonio Rollo, Marketing Manager BU Masterbatches at Clariant Latin America. The study brings together four global social trends that may influence consumer behavior. The objective is to provide well founded information regarding color choices for plastic products, ranging from packaging and consumer goods (ColorForward), to fibers (ColorForward® Interiors) and automobiles (ColorForward® Automotive).

Other outstanding Clariant products at the Feiplastic 2015 include:

  • Hiformer®: Clariant's liquid masterbatch system that integrates products, technology and services. It is a high-performance additive and color liquid concentrate system, application equipment and technical know-how that enables designers, brand owners and plastic processors to work together to develop new and high-performance plastic products.
  • CESA®-laser (laser marking): an additive that produces thermal and photochemical effects at the radiation frequency emitted by a high definition laser, allowing for the individualized and permanent marking of any polymer. CESA-laser masterbatches allows for color marking in addition to the traditional grey-scale marking.

Clariant's solutions package for the industry also includes the AddWorks® product line which brings customers innovative solutions for the world of Polymer Additives. The line was developed to meet specific application demands in various sectors of the plastics industry. The AddWorks brand provides customers with a range of benefits, such as end products with better productivity, stability and durability, in addition to added protection during the manufacturing process," highlights Paulo Ghidetti, Technical Coordinator BU Additives at Clariant Latin America.

The company will also promote an extensive portfolio of solutions for engineering plastics that includes Licowax® montan and polyolefin waxes, Licocene® metallocene polyolefin waxes and Exolit® halogen-free and heavy metal-free flame retardants that offer superior performance in their various applications.

"In the plastics industry, issues like handling safety and environmental protection have become key factors for companies that are revising their current portfolios in search of more sustainable options," states Geraldo Ventola, BU Pigments / Plastic Industry Manager at Clariant Latin America. "Clariant has increasingly been adding more products to its portfolio that address market trends, ensure high performance and support its customers' success," he adds.

  • PV Fast® Orange HGR: is a red shade orange pigment which enables for economical coloring solutions, provides excellent heat resistance, even in low concentrations, and is suitable for low warping applications.
  • PV Fast Yellow H9G: is a very green shade, alkali resistant yellow pigment suitable for fiber, thin-wall and film applications.
  • Telalux® OB: is an optical brightener that absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light with a maximum absorbance at 375 nm and reemits this energy in the visible range as blue light around 435 nm. It thereby produces a strong whitening effect in natural polymers, in shades of white a more cleaner-brilliant effect, and in shades of black improved jetness.
  • Telalux OB-01: is an optical brightener that absorbs ultraviolet (UV) light between 340-390 nm and reemits this energy in the visible range as blue light between 420-460 nm, thereby producing a whitening effect in natural polymers and in shades of white creates a cleaner, brilliant and bluer tint. Telalux OB-1 has a neutral to bluish undertone.

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