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Clariant LE Technology achieves significant emission cuts for green sand casting

Descubra Valor. Descubra a Tecnologia LE. (Foto: Clariant)
  • Unique foundry additives GEKO® LE and ECOSIL® LE prevent emission generation from the outset
  • Two-tier bentonite solution supports sustainable green sand process with improved total cost of ownership
  • Visit Clariant at GIFA 2015, Hall 12 Booth C13, June 16-20, Düsseldorf

Munich, June 16, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, introduces GIFA 2015 visitors to Clariant LE Technology, its unique low emission technology enabling foundries to reduce BTEX emissions from green sand systems by up to 80% and produce highest quality castings at optimum productivity.

Launched after four years' extensive field testing, casting additives GEKO® LE and ECOSIL® LE - Clariant's two-tiered bentonite solution – are proven to provide unmatched benefits for foundries looking to improve the ecological footprint of green sand molding, in line with increasing regulatory emission requirements and awareness regarding health and the environment. The additives, which are important for mold production and the subsquent separation of casting and mold material, also address demands for higher productivity, precision molds and thinner walled castings from the automotive industry. Over 50% of European-produced green sand castings were used for road vehicle production in 2013.

The benefits of Clariant LE Technology build on the unrivalled precision, smooth processability and surface finish, and easy shake out associated with Clariant's industry-trusted ECOSIL® lustrous carbon former ranges and GEKO® bentonite boosters for green sand castings.

The LE variants are unique in preventing BTEX emission generation in green sand systems from the outset. This benefit for both the environment and foundry workers is achieved through a patented mix of high-quality bentonites, graphite, dispersants and optionally coal. They are highly efficient, requiring significantly lower amounts of binding agents, lustrous carbon producers and other additives.

As a result, the performance and productivity-related advantages are enhanced by environmental advantages such as excellent recyclability of used sands and less waste generation, to create an optimized total cost of ownership for foundries. Importantly, the technology can be incorporated without investment in existing green sand systems.

Eric Bonin, Laboratory Manager of PSA (Peugeot Citroën), comments:

The concrete benefits in using LE Technology in PSA are:- The reduction of the BTEX emissions- The improvement of the molding and mold release accuracy- The reduction of the Premix consumption

Adding to the range's sustainability value, customers choosing any GEKO® and ECOSIL® products have the assurance of Clariant's responsible mining approach, and long-term supply continuity guaranteed by Clariant's investment in its own bentonite mines and production facilities located close to customers worldwide.

The combination of benefits qualifies GEKO LE and ECOSIL LE as EcoTain® products within the Clariant portfolio. Clariant assigns its flagship EcoTain label to those products showing best-in-class sustainability and performance excellence, providing a clear indicator to customers of their added value.

Stefan Dick, Head of Commercial Activities EMEA, Clariant BU Functional Minerals, comments: "The package of benefits created by GEKO LE and ECOSIL LE helps foundries to be responsible neighbors and achieve their environmental targets, without compromising performance requirements. Our unique technology can make a positive contribution to the foundry industry's sustainability goals."

Visit Clariant at GIFA 2015 to find out more about ECOSIL LE and GEKO LE in Hall 12 Booth C13 from June 16-20, 2015.

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