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Clariant heads to a more sustainable future in China

Clariant Greater China awarded the Responsible Care® Chairman Award. 
(Photo: Clariant)

  • Clariant Greater China awarded second consecutive Responsible Care® Chairman Award
  • Clariant's sustainability label- EcoTain® clearly identifies products offering sustainability and performance excellence to customers
  • HOPES - Clariant's well perceived corporate social responsibility program in China
Shanghai, June 10, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in Specialty Chemicals, today announced it had been awarded the Responsible Care® Chairman Award for the second consecutive year by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) on June 9.

Founded in 1988 and with a commitment to promoting Responsible Care among all stakeholders, AICM now represents 60 major foreign investments in the chemical industry in China. For Clariant, this award is a further recognition of the company's continuous efforts to implement Responsible Care, which has long been a part of Clariant's ongoing sustainable initiatives and strategic focus.

Today, with the continually expanding world population and increasing buying power as well as the growing wealth of emerging countries, environmental issues are becoming more and more evident and we are facing significant social, economic and ecological challenges. In China, sustainable development has become a key strategic focus in order to achieve long-term success under the "New Normal". These challenges bring great opportunities to companies like Clariant who place a large emphasis on sustainability and Clariant is committed to supporting the sustainable development of China.

Sustainability is deeply entrenched in Clariant's strategy. Clariant has launched its flagship sustainability label EcoTain®, marking further progress in adding value through sustainability to all its stakeholders. Screened with a systematic, in-depth process using 36 criteria in all three sustainability dimensions, i.e. social, environmental and economic, the products and solutions labelled with EcoTain all possess both best-in-class performance and sustainability excellence. By uncovering value-adding benefits, EcoTain empowers Clariant's customers to differentiate in the market and contributes to achieving their sustainability targets.

As a good corporate citizen, Clariant not only focuses on its own growth but also pays attention to supporting the well-being of its local communities. Since 2014, Clariant has initiated a corporate citizenship program in China called HOPES, which focuses on supporting the sustainable development of education in the local communities where Clariant is active in Greater China. The program initially started in Zhenjiang in November 2014, when Clariant signed a partnership agreement with Zhenjiang Xuefu Road Primary School to set up a new scholarship, donate books and deliver lectures to the students there. On April 30, 2015, Clariant and Zhenjiang Xuefu Road Primary School jointly organized a carnival, which provided students with opportunities to discover their talents and interests through extracurricular activities.

"With its 20 years of growth in China, Clariant's success is aligned to the rapid development of the country," said Jan Kreibaum, Regional President of Clariant Greater China / South Korea, "to act as a true China Insider, Clariant is committed to responding to the new megatrends in China and contributing its know-how to support the country in achieving sustainable development."

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