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Clariant to feature latest natural cosmetic ingredients at CITE Japan

  • Sugar-based and sulfate-free surfactants GlucoTain® range to be featured alongside the all-natural Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil
  • The 7th Cosmetic Ingredients & Technology Exhibition (CITE) Japan will take place from 3 - 5 June in Yokohama, Japan
Tokyo, June 2, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is taking part at the 7th Cosmetic Ingredients & Technology Exhibition (CITE) Japan due to take place at the Pacifico Yokohama, Japan on 3-5 June 2015. Featured at the Clariant booth will be two newly-released products: the sugar-based and sulfate-free GlucoTain® surfactants and the all-natural Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil.

Under the global trend in the personal care industry to supply products made from naturally available ingredients, the demand is stronger than ever before among cosmetic manufacturers in Japan to source products based on natural or sustainable resources. At CITE Japan this year, under the theme of "Next Step for Cosmetic Ingredients & Technology", Clariant will bring forth its leading-edge solutions dedicated to satisfying such rising consumer demand on natural cosmetic products.

"Our feature products at CITE Japan are GlucoTain and Plantasens Abyssinian Oil. Both products were newly launched at the end of last year, to answer the call from manufacturers to provide formulation option that is both ecological and efficient, in addition to being versatile. I believe with products like these and more coming in the pipeline, Clariant is well positioned to satisfy such growing demand," said Koji Enomoto, Sales Manager of BL Consumer Care, BU ICS JAPAN.

GlucoTain - sustainability and efficiency in one go GlucoTain is a new range of sugar-based surfactants offering sensory benefits and new possibilities for sulfate-free and Cocamidopropylbetaine- free (CAPB-free) skin and hair care formulations. It fully addresses consumers' desire for more natural and mild products with no compromise on cleansing properties. The surfactants minimize traditional formulation trade-offs by combining new sensorial experiences for consumers with new opportunities for formulation innovation and sustainability.

Available in four product forms of GlucoTain Clear, GlucoTain Clean, GlucoTain Care and GlucoTain Flex, the different types in the range are designed to suit formulators' requirements for different applications, such as hand wash, shampoo and facial cleanser, all offering excellent compatibility with other ingredients.

Plantasens Abyssinian Oil A radiant natural treasure Plantasens Abyssinian Oil is a pure and 100% natural ingredient extracted from the seeds of Crambe Abyssinica. The old world plant is native to the dry African highlands. It can grow despite the rainfall shortage. It also generates additional income to the African farmers. Crambe Abyssinica was recently rediscovered and explored by Clariant in response to the growing demand for effective natural ingredients in personal care.

Clariant's Plantasens Abyssinian Oil is transparent and offers very pleasant sensory such as low odor, good spreadability and leaves no greasy after feel. Formulations based on the Plantasens Abyssinian Oil provide shine and improve manageability of hair, while nourishing and hydrating the skin for protection. It is ideally used for hair care and skin care products such as shampoo, conditioners, face cream and cleansing milk.

In addition to showcasing its latest products at booth B9-9 during the three-day show of CITE Japan, Clariant is also conducting two short technical seminars regarding these two products at the Exhibitor Technology Forum on 5 June. Abyssinian Oil at convention room #1 starting at 12:35. GlucoTain at convention room #4 starting at 13:45. There you will find more details of those products.

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