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Clariant to showcase products inspired by Amazonian treasure at leading cosmetics fair in Asia

  • Clariant to return to the in-cosmetics Asia Exhibition to be held on 3-5 November 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Natural, visible functionalities showcased by new products from Beraca and the established Plantasens® Olive Active HP, and hair-conditioning Quats, locally produced in Indonesia
Singapore, October 30, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is returning to exhibit at the in-cosmetics Asia exhibition due to take place this year at the BITEC at Bangkok, Thailand on 3-5 November 2015. Under the theme of "Beauty inspired by Amazonian Treasure", Clariant will showcase its leading cosmetics ingredients that support formulations demonstrating sustained natural beauty in addition to a strong functionality profile, including such elements of anti-ageing and whitening.

Following the strategic alliance formed with Beraca of Brazil recently, Clariant's portfolio with regards to active performance systems, Brazilian rare clays, rainforest specialties, bio functional extracts has been enhanced significantly to provide customers with unique and exclusive access to cherished ingredients from Brazil.

Beraca, being a leading provider of natural and organic certified ingredients sustainably drawn from Brazil's biodiversity, is known and valued by customers worldwide as a reference for sustainable development due to its unique Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program® and full traceability of raw materials from Brazilian habitats, especially the Amazon Rainforest – the world´s largest and most diverse rainforest.

"The addition of cosmetics ingredients from Beraca are giving us a further boost on our already strong line-up of natural and sustainable ingredients that include products such as the Plantasens Olive Active HP and our new Nipaguard SCS. Alongside our recently planned local investments, newly formed collaboration and partnerships and our state-of-the-art technical service platform, we are anticipating a quantum leap in our presence in the Personal Care industry in Asia", said Guido Appl, Head of Sales and Application for Personal Care/Industrial and Home Care Asia Pacific.

Beraca's Rainforest Specialties The Beraca's Rainforest Specialties line is composed of vegetable oils and butters made from active ingredients sustainably sourced, with a focus on health and wellbeing, manufactured in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest.

The BBA, Beraca Behenic Active system, provides the ultimate natural whitening ingredient for skin care products that even skin tone, improve firmness and promote deep dehydration.

Beraclay Amazonian White Clay is a natural clay found in the Brazilian habitats, collected from the Marajó shore, in the Amazon River mouth. This clay is rich in unsaponifiable fractions of organic particles and forest nutrients. In skin care formulations, it is able to promote a cooling sensation and has a great capacity of enhancing the sensory profile of emulsions.

Plantasens® Olive Active HP Plantasens Olive Active HP is a powerful, anti-ageing active ingredient, derived from olive that acts as a protective shield. It protects the skin from UV-induced lipid peroxidation by scavenging reactive oxygen species. The naturally based active ingredient also prevents the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). It thus helps to maintain the skin's natural balance and smooth appearance, in addition to its elasticity. Through those mechanisms, Plantasens Olive Active HP from Clariant is capable of preserving the skin's natural beauty for longer. This Plantasens product is Ecocert® approved, meaning it satisfies the requirements for the development of natural cosmetics products.

Hair conditioning Quats Clariant's own full range of hair conditioning agents, such as Genamin® KDMP, BTMS, BTLF and CTAC, are enjoying good reputation globally. Beginning 2016, a comprehensive range of hair conditioning quats will be produced in Clariant's Tangerang plant in Indonesia to provide a higher level of flexibility and competitiveness to customers in Asia. In combination with natural ingredients from the Plantasens range and the newly added Beraca series, even more innovative and high-performing formulations can be supported.

Nipaguard® SCS Nipaguard SCS is a safe and highly effective alternative to Phenoxyethanol, Parabens and Benzoic Acid. Based on our intelligent triple technology (made from anti-bacterial agent Octopirox, preservative booster Velsan® SC and solubilizers GlucoTain® and Hostaphat®), this next generation easy-to-formulate preservative system offers maximum preservation, product stability and flexibility in formulation. In addition, it has a broad tolerance of pH 4~8, making it easy to use in applications.

Clariant's team of technical and customer service experts will be on hand at their booth at No.K28 during the 3-day show of in-cosmetics Asia 2015 to explain details of their products and answer enquiries from customers and visitors.

"On our return to the InCosmetics in Bangkok this year, we want to excite our partners with new solutions and a wider spectrum of products. Our dedication to the cosmetics industry is once again underlined by our continued investment in Asia to offer innovative and sustainable ingredients. Our Amazonian Treasure offers such novel effects that contribute to inspire our customers' product offerings." commented Stephan Lynen, Head of Clariant's BU ICS, Asia Pacific.

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