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Clariant to feature leadingedge solutions at China Interlubric 2015

Clariant offers high performance lubricant for synthetic fluid. (Photo: Clariant)

  • Clariant to leverage trade event to address Chinese industry trend towards more synthetic cutting fluids
  • Genapol® PN 35, Hostacor® AL and Genamin® CH 20 J given special focus as multifunctional additives for advanced manufacturing markets
Shanghai, November 2, 2015 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will exhibit at the upcoming China Interlubric (China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition) at the INTEX in Shanghai from November 11-13, 2015. Among other products Clariant will feature at the show Genapol® PN35 - a high performance lubricity improver for fully synthetic metal working fluids, Genamin® CH 020 J - a multifunctional component providing improved lifetime for emulsions and Hostacor® AL, a renewable based multi-metal corrosion inhibitor for aluminum cutting operations.

As the Chinese domestic market transitions into a more sustainable future, manufacturing industries are looking to extract better values out of their existing operations and processes. With nationwide initiatives such as "Made in China 2025", sights are clearly set on putting higher quality ahead of quantity. For example, in industries such as electronics and automotive, there is a growing trend to adopt fully synthetic cutting fluids to achieve better performance in mechanical operations. Leading-edge product brings great performance Clariant's Genapol PN35 is on the scene to satisfy such market needs with its versatile features and outstanding performance. Out of the Genapol series, Genapol PN35 shows the best lubrication performance under the Reichert and Tapping-Torque-Test while at the same time protects the cutting tool and the machined work pieces. Genapol PN35 has a low foaming profile and offers great formulation compatibility. All benefits combined in one single component adds extra value to the customers' formulation by resulting in lower additive consumption and better cost efficiency.

"Clariant's dedication to the metal working and industrial lubricants market spans more than four decades. With the production capability of our Daya Bay and Zhenjiang facilities in China, we are successfully leveraging our established worldwide presence and consistent global quality standard to satisfy our local customers' needs in China," said Michael Lyons, Head of Business Service Industrial Applications Asia Pacific, Business Unit Industrial and Consumer Specialties at Clariant.

Other additives for metal working formulations being featured at the China Interlubric exhibition are Genamin CH 020 J and Hostacor AL. Both products are multifunctional specialty additives that help metal working fluid formulators to address today's formulation challenges and sustainability requirements. For example Genamin CH 020 J, being highly compatible with other additives, is a neutralizer that increases the lifetime of water-based metal working fluids. Hostacor AL is a phosphorous-free, water-dispersible corrosion inhibitor based on 100% renewable feedstock. Hostacor AL offers excellent protection for major Al-alloys and ferrous metals while reducing cobalt leaching and contributing to lubrication in semi-synthetic and fully synthetic formulations. Hostacor AL is not only a formulation component, but can also be added to existing metal working fluids for steel to upgrade them for machining aluminum.

Clariant at China Interlubric Forum In addition to Clariant's participation at the China Interlubric exhibition, it will also take part in the concurrent China International Lubricants, Base Oils & Additives Conference to be held on 10 November at the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel. Mr. Zhai Xiang, Senior Engineer from the Business Unit of Industrial and Consumer Specialties, will present the topic: "Genapol PN 35: High Performance Lubricant for Synthetic Fluid" in front of the conference audience.

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