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Clariant to highlight three new dimensions of beauty for personal care products to look, care and feel better

Amazonian treasure from Beraca. (Photo: Clariant)
  • Clariant will participate in the Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients (PCHi) tradeshow on March 1-3, 2016 in Shanghai, China
  • Clariant will exhibit NanoCon®-based Perlogen® pearlizer blends for better product appearance; newly-acquired Vivimed line of broad portfolio of cosmetics ingredients for better care plus Beraca's naturally derived oils and butters from Brazil for a new sensation

Shanghai, February 18, 2016 – Clariant, a world-leader in specialty chemicals, is returning to the PCHi (Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients) China expo on March 1-3, 2016 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Regarded as China’s top sourcing platform for the global personal care industry, Clariant will feature during the tradeshow a new line-up of solutions dedicated to offering visual appeal, a luxurious feel and exceptional care performance to support the demand for more natural products that are both effective and offer increased sustainability properties.

Sizable population base and urbanization, coupled with better lifestyle and higher living standards are keeping the China Market to grow under its “New Normal” economic development. Formulators in the personal care industry are seeking improved cost-efficiency and ingredients that can make products perform significantly better. In the meantime, more consumers are looking for specialized products that target specific needs like resistance on skin aging caused by UV rays, stimulation on skin vitality and rapid recovery of skin elasticity. Digitalization of media and increasing transparency of the market is helping consumers identify innovative products and solutions that meet these emerging requirements on sustainability and efficiency. Clariant has deep understanding on these market needs and is offering all-around solutions covering aesthetics, dedicated care and unique sensation at the event:

Looking better with Perlogen® Pearlizer Blends' brilliant appearance
Visual appeal is an essential dimension of successful personal care products. To better serve the local customers in China with even higher flexibility, Clariant’s Zhenjiang multifunctional production site has introduced NanoCon® technology from Germany to produce the highly efficient Perlogen pearlizer blends.

Perlogen is a line of high-brilliance pearlescent blends suitable for cold processing applications in rinse-off products such as shampoos, hand sanitizers and hair conditioners. Based on NanoCon technology, it can deliver a silky sheen even at a low concentration, which highlights its supreme cost-efficiency and adds outperforming brightness for various personal care, cleaning and moisturizing products.

Perlogen SF 3000, one of the leading products in the series, has demonstrated outstanding performance in a benchmark test against competing pearlizers of the same grade. With 20 - 30% less in dosage, Perlogen SF 3000 achieved the same or even better brilliance than its competitors as judged by a randomly-chosen focus group.

In addition, Perlogen pearlizer line has an excellent stability, allowing it to be stored for up to 2 years under a stable environment and below temperature of 40℃.

“With our latest high-tech investment in our Zhenjiang multifunctional production site we introduce the NanoCon technology process to Asia. This unique technology enables us to produce very efficient and stable emulsions, high performance pearlizers and encapsulated products. It opens new doors to our customers for collaborative tailored innovation with products such as ready-to-use wax dispersions,” says Guido Appl, Head of Clariant Sales & Application, Personal Care, Industrial & Home Care, Asia Pacific.

Caring for every need: Vivimed’s broad portfolio for exceptional care
Clariant is also excited to debut to the Chinese personal care market one of its newest portfolio additions, acquired recently from the established Vivimed Lab Limited from India to reinforce its commitment to growth in order to meet the personal care industry's needs. Vivimed enjoys good growth reputation of being able to offer a wide product portfolio within the sun, skin, hair and oral care range, as well as anti-microbial preservatives. The acquisition has strengthened Clariant's portfolio with actives to formulate broader solutions such as sun protection in the rapidly growing market in Asia.

Feeling the touch of nature: Beraca Rainforest Specialties for luxurious sensations
Beraca Rainforest Specialties is a line of vegetable oils and butters made from sustainably sourced active ingredients that are manufactured in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, with a focus on health and wellbeing.

Among the series is Beraclay Amazonian White Clay, which is made of natural clay from Brazil collected from the mouth of the Amazon River, rich in organic nutrients. It provides a cooling sensation in skin care formulations and enhances the sensory profile of emulsions.

The strategic partnership between Clariant and Beraca of Brazil helps to meet both formulators’ and consumers’ demands. Beraca, a leading provider of natural and certified organic ingredients drawn from Brazil’s biodiversity, is renowned among customers worldwide for its unique Sociobiodiversity Enhancement Program and full traceability of raw materials from Brazilian habitats, including the Amazon rainforest — the world’s largest and most diverse rainforest.

In addition, Clariant will also showcase newly introduced products on the Plantasens® series, including the natural olive oil non-saponifiable anti-aging active Plantasens Olive Active HP, and the full range of hair conditioning agents Genamin®.

Plantasens Olive Active HP and Genamin Hair Conditioning QuatsThis olive-derived and Ecocert® approved powerful, anti-aging active ingredient provides skin with a protective shield from UV-induced lipid peroxidation. It also helps maintain skin’s natural balance, smooth appearance and elasticity.

Clariant’s own full range of hair conditioning agents, such as Genamin KDMP, BTMS, BTLF and CTAC, is globally recognized. In combination with natural ingredients from the Plantasens range and the newly added Beraca series, even more innovative and high-performing formulations can be supported.

"Clariant is committed to addressing three of the most important product dimensions Chinese consumers crave: a rich visual appeal, effective yet gentle care, and a protective, natural feel. The Perlogen, Vivimed and Beraca lines satisfy these desires and bring a range of completely new sensations to Chinese personal care manufacturers and consumers," said Stephan Lynen, Head of Clariant's BU Industrial and Consumer Specialties, Asia Pacific. “Coupled with our strong local investments and our state-of-the-art technical service platform, we will continue to grow our presence in the Personal Care industry in China.”

Clariant's team of technical and customer service experts will be on hand at their booth at No.B34 during the 3-day PCHi show to explain details of these products and help visitors find the best solutions for their needs.

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