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Clariant launches MegaGuard™ 700: a powerful iron guard for methanol synthesis catalysts

  • A highly effective iron guard for the prevention of catalyst poisoning
  • Protects and extends lifetime of MegaMax® series methanol synthesis catalysts
  • Combination of MegaGuard™ 700 and a MegaMax series catalyst enhances performance, production and profitability of methanol plants

Shanghai, May 19, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today announced the launch of its MegaGuard™ 700 catalyst guard at the Clariant Syngas Conference 2016 in Xi’an, China. MegaGuard 700 is designed to protect methanol synthesis catalysts, such as those of Clariant’s MegaMax® series, from iron poisoning. The new catalyst guard effectively traps and decomposes iron compounds, thus ensuring that the MegaMax series catalyst maintains its exceptional activity and selectivity throughout its long lifetime.

Iron is a typical catalyst poison in methanol plants. It is mobilized from steel equipment through reaction with carbon monoxide in the syngas, forming iron carbides and volatile iron carbonyls. These compounds cause an irreversible reduction of catalyst activity and mechanical stability, hence considerably reducing the lifetime of the methanol synthesis catalyst.

Clariant’s MegaGuard 700 demonstrates outstanding iron removal performance to protect the MegaMax series methanol synthesis catalyst from the entry of iron compounds, thereby preventing catalyst poisoning. As a result, the high activity and selectivity of MegaMax series catalysts can be maintained over their expected lifetime.

The combination of the highly effective MegaGuard 700 and the superior MegaMax series methanol synthesis catalysts significantly increases plant reliability, methanol production and energy savings, thus ensuring higher profitability for methanol producers.

“MegaGuard 700 is a powerful iron guard that protects our MegaMax series catalysts and increases the reliability of our customers’ plants. By removing the iron that damages catalysts, MegaGuard 700 greatly increases plant efficiency and productivity, creating real value for methanol producers,” said Stefan Heuser, Senior Vice President & General Manager Business Unit Catalysts at Clariant.

In addition to supplying leading catalyst products, Clariant’s Catalysts business unit offers customers comprehensive service regarding the use of its catalysts. Dedicated support begins with providing process information during the initial stages of plant design and construction, includes start-up assistance when the plant is placed on stream, and continues with follow-up maintenance to ensure optimum operating performance of catalysts.

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