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Clariant Highlights Controlled-Atmosphere Packaging Options at SupplySide West Show

  • Clariant Healthcare Packaging exhibiting in Las Vegas, Oct. 4 - 8
  • New Aroma-Can® technology improves customer experience
  • Global desiccant packet offering expands

Charlotte, October 4, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, and its Healthcare Packaging unit, is participating in the SupplySide West Show, Booth #I169, in Las Vegas on October 4-8. The company is using the event to focus attention on its extensive portfolio of controlled-atmosphere packaging solutions, which are used to help protect a range of nutritional and dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive ingredients from degradation due to moisture and oxygen, or to add a pleasing aroma to packaged products for consumers.

Clariant Healthcare Packaging will highlight a new and improved line of Aroma-Can® canisters, which are designed to enhance product by adding a pleasant scent to product packaging. Modeled after Clariant's desiccant canisters for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical packaging, the Aroma-Can technology embeds food-grade flavors, such as vanilla, orange and lemon, directly into a plastic canister that is inserted at high speed during the product packaging process. When consumers open these packages, the pleasing scent provided by Aroma-Can technology results in a more positive sensory and product experience, even when the packaging contains fish-oil, herbal, or other products that otherwise emit strong, sometimes unappealing odors.

In addition to its Aroma-Can technology, Clariant Healthcare Packaging will feature a full range of other active packaging solutions. The group's desiccant brands include Sorb-it® (silica gel) and Tri-Sorb® (molecular sieve) desiccant packets, and as well as Tyvek® and Continu-Strip® hole punch packets that feature a hole in every seal to optimize the desiccant insertion process.

To provide customers with a variety of options, Clariant Healthcare Packaging produces and delivers its desiccant products through a rapidly expanding global manufacturing network, which includes plants in the U.S.A. and France, as well as its newest plant in Dongguan, China. Soon, a fourth manufacturing facility in Cuddalore, India, is expected to come on line in 2017. This plant will further expand Clariant's global manufacturing footprint, ensuring quick delivery and competitive pricing, as well back-up capacity to meet the BCP (Business Continuity Planning) requirements of global customers.

Clariant will also feature its range of oxygen protection packaging including oxygen scavengers and Oxy-Guard® barrier bottles, particularly effective for packaging probiotics, and tubes and desiccant stoppers, ideal for packaging effervescent tablets, lozenges, and solid-dosage nutraceuticals.

Clariant Healthcare Packaging is dedicated to enhancing and protecting healthcare products by providing a full portfolio of controlled atmosphere packaging solutions that protect products from degradation and help maintain stability and integrity throughout shelf life. With a global production network and innovative product development, its products include desiccants, oxygen scavengers, active container-closure systems and multilayer barrier packaging.

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