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Clariant features Low Emission Technology at Indometal 2016 Exhibition

Discover Value. Discover LE Technology. (Photo: Clariant)

  • Clariant provides Southeast Asia with locally manufactured bentonite, supported with international expertise to help the greensand casting industry make significant emission cuts
  • Clariant's LE Technology allows foundries to reduce harmful BTEX emissions by up to 80%, while still achieving excellent quality and productivity
  • The newly developed foundry additives GEKO® LE reduce emission generation from the outset, supporting sustainability in the foundry industry without compromising on functionality
Singapore, October 17, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is helping the metal working and foundry industry in Southeast Asia to improve sustainability through its Low Emission (LE) Technology. The GEKO® LE products that leverage Clariant's innovative Low Emission (LE) Technology will be showcased at the Indometal 2016 Exhibition to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 25 - 27 October 2016. During the Exhibition, Clariant will highlight the LE Technology that reduces emissions from the outset, supporting a more sustainable casting process and improving total cost of ownership for users.

As gas emissions during the pouring process of greensand molding is creating health hazards, tightening government regulations and environmental policies will be reinforced in countries across Southeast Asia to ensure a safer and more sustainable practice. The upgrading industry environment is creating challenges for end-user markets such as automotive manufacturing that consumes sea coal in the foundry process.

"While the general global awareness has put more emphasis on the reduction of environmental impact during manufacturing, the industry is also growing to become more sustainable-minded under the influence of the 2020 Gothenburg Protocol on emissions," said Francisco Boker, Head of High-growth Markets and Specialty Segments, Clariant Business Unit Functional Minerals.

Clariant's line of GEKO Super, GEKO Optimum and GEKO LE products offer their users huge benefits. GEKO LE will permit reduction of sea coal addition in the making of both grey iron and ductile iron castings. The products leverage Clariant's Low Emission (LE) Technology that reduce harmful BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene) emissions from the outset of the casting process.

This allows users to reduce harmful BTEX emissions by up to 80% while still producing first-rate quality iron castings at excellent productivity with clean casting surfaces and low scrap rates. The products create further value for users by enabling a lower cost of ownership through higher productivity rates, lower additive consumption and less waste. They can also be used without a change to existing casting processes, saving time and money that would otherwise be lost to facilities upgrades and retraining of workers.

''Our LE range of products have been developed through four years of rigorous laboratory and customer testing to ensure excellent sustainability and productivity. Foundries who have switched to LE Technology have not only reduced their environmental impact significantly, but also reduced their total cost of ownership" Boker added.

EcoTain® Certified
GEKO LE is certified with Clariant's EcoTain® label that distinguishes products fulfilling stringent sustainability and performance requirements. For the LE technology products, it represents lower BTEX emission, lower greenhouse gas emission, sustainable mining practice and a lower dosage of additives due to higher efficiency. The EcoTain label provides a clear indicator of excellence, as well as a differentiator to customers of their added value.

Locally available now from Indonesia
In addition to their sustainability value, customers who choose to use GEKO products are assured of Clariant's responsible and sustainable mining approach in which Clariant owns its bentonite mines and production facilities to ensure a stable supply to its customers in the Southeast Asia region.

Domestic production at the plants in Indonesia ensures stable deliveries of GEKO products to Clariant's customers in Southeast Asia, who can enjoy a flexible delivery system to meet individual needs, such as silo truck delivery. In addition, the GEKO series have achieved product consistency through a state-of-the-art quality control system that includes periodic greensand properties testing and production failure analysis.

Clariant will exhibit at the Indometal 2016 Exhibition, at booth C09 in Hall A, at the Jakarta International Expo from 25 - 27 October 2016. Clariant's teams of technical and commercial experts will stand by at the booth to explain details of LE Technology to visitors during the show.

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