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Clariant responds to global Megatrends to deliver Value for People

  • K 2016 focus on Health & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mobility, and Urbanization
  • Value for People through innovative & sustainable additives, masterbatches and pigments
  • Clariant at K 2016 Hall 8a Booth J11

Muttenz, October 21, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, focused on the global Megatrends influencing the plastics industry at its K 2016 press conference, demonstrating how the company is bringing true value to the industry based on the real needs of people arising from these trends.

Clariant's commitment to delivering Value for People – its motto for K 2016 – was summarized by Executive Committee Member Christian Kohlpaintner in the context of the trends driving the challenges of its plastics industry customers. "Our customers in the plastics industry require a mixture of tailor-made innovation and volume driven support in order to address the needs being accelerated by global Megatrends. At K 2016, we show our particular focus on innovations underlined by sustainability because these are priorities connecting both. By supporting our customers developing innovative and sustainable solutions, this is how we can create most Value for People."

Christian Kohlpaintner drew attention to four global Megatrends impacting the plastics industry: Health & Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mobility, and Urbanization.

To provide optimum support to its customers and end-users, Clariant's services and solutions for plastics applications address aspects such as safety and comfort, more efficient and environmentally-compatible production, and reliable cleaner energy. Presented highlights for the industry's market segments included:

Health & Nutrition:

  • Anti-counterfeit solution for medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging: joint development by Clariant and SICPA of a unique in-plastic protection system.
  • Silicone colors - Controlled Consistent Compliant: new Mevopur® LQ ISO/USP pre-tested liquid colors for silicones.
  • Durable agricultural films: AddWorks® AGC 104 polymer additive solution for longer-lasting polyolefin greenhouse films that contribute to improved crop protection and reduce agricultural waste.


  • Colorants for plastic applications based on renewable raw materials: Clariant is the first producer of quinacridone pigments based on bio-succinic acid. PV Fast® Pink E /E01 offers bright colors for everyday products from toys to food packaging and textiles.
  • Electronic devices boom: global manufacturing investment (circa. CHF 10 million) in masterbatches and small lot pre-colored compounds for engineering resins & high temperature plastics will support the E&E industry with customized solutions as well as customers in the transportation sector.


  • Color & performance additives for ultra-high heat resistant compounds: Clariant is bringing on stream new lines for masterbatches and color compounds for engineering plastics and high-temperature resins to meet the light-weight, miniaturization trends.
  • Safer fire protection for vehicle plastics: Exolit® OP 1400 non-halogenated phosphinate flame retardant offering excellent processing stability and safer fire protection at low dosage to polyamides used in electrical and structural automotive parts.


  • Safer construction: Organic pigment PV Fast® Yellow H4G as an alternative to lead chromate pigments for construction applications such as flooring, pipes, outdoor films. PV Fast Yellow H4G is FDA approved, compliant with EU 10/2011 and listed on the Chinese GB9685.
  • Renewable energy: a specially formulated additive masterbatch for BOPET films to protect photovoltaic panels from degradation. The collaboration with machine manufacturer Brückner allows the industry to replace more expensive materials and maintain performance, increasing the affordability of this clean source of energy.

For more information, Clariant is presenting at K 2016 from October 19 – 26 in Hall 8a Booth J11.

Note to editor:Clariant's Business Area Plastics & Coatings comprises the Business Units Additives, Masterbatches and Pigments. It has the highest sales of the Clariant Group, generating 42% of sales in 2015. Its current EBITDA margin is 12.8% (before exceptional items). In 2015, the Business Area reported sales of CHF 2441 million and CHF 313 million EBITDA before exceptional items.

To find out more about Clariant's support for the plastics industry, please visit:

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