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Clariant to Reveal Solutions for Anti-Counterfeiting, Moisture and Oxygen Control at CPhI Barcelona

  • Healthcare Packaging and Polymer Solutions in Booth 2K60
  • PLASTIWARD™: Plastic anti-counterfeiting system launched
  • MEVOPUR liquid coloration debuts for healthcare applications
  • Healthcare Packaging highlights continued global expansion
Muttenz, October 3, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will exhibit at CPhI Worldwide 2016 to show pharmaceutical professionals new ways to protect their products and ensure access to "safe medicines" for millions of patients around the world. The annual CPhI Worldwide exhibition this year takes place in Barcelona from October 4th to 6th. In booth 2K60, which is located in the 'InnoPack' area, the company is offering moisture and oxygen protection packaging and polymer coloration and modification solutions from the Healthcare business lines of Clariant Plastics & Coatings.

In partnership SICPA SA, the leading global provider of secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions and services, Clariant Healthcare Polymer Solutions is announcing PLASTIWARD™, a new plastic-based anti-counterfeiting system. Through the SICPA partnership, Clariant provides a covert taggant additive, available in polymer compounds or masterbatch concentrates, which are manufactured using the same ISO 13485 protocols as its MEVOPUR® brand of Controlled, Consistent and Compliant polymer colors and functional additives. The taggants then become part of the eventual plastic product, where they are readily detectable using SICPA's proven deployment and monitoring platform. The PLASTIWARD solution delivers one seamless package that includes security assessment, definition of needs, security system design, system deployment and on-going performance monitoring.

Healthcare Polymer Solutions is also introducing a new series of MEVOPUR liquid color and additive concentrates, including a USP/ISO range with amber color for PET and PETG packaging, and liquid color and additive concentrates for use in liquid silicone elastomers. The liquid concentrates combine the benefits of the MEVOPUR 'Controlled, Consistent and Compliant' formulation and manufacturing approach with Clariant's Hi Former® liquid-vehicle technology. MEVOPUR brand products are formulated only in dedicated, ISO13485-certified manufacturing facilities using ingredients pretested to USP , and ISO10993.

Clariant business line Healthcare Packaging manufactures controlled atmosphere packaging materials that help to protect healthcare products from humidity and oxygen. At CPhI Barcelona, the company is announcing expansion of its EQ line of humidity-control product line. The new EQ-Stopper™ is ideal for protecting moisture-sensitive products packaged in tubes, while the EQ-Bag™ (available in 37g and 255g sizes) protects bulk packages containing empty capsules, powders, or other moisture-sensitive product ingredients. Along with existing EQ-Pak® and EQ-Can® products, these new introductions actively control relative humidity (RH) in a pharmaceutical or nutraceutical package space to within a specific range.

The group is focusing attention on its rapidly expanding global manufacturing network, which includes plants in the U.S.A., France and China. Healthcare Packaging offers a full portfolio of pharmaceutical desiccants, equilibrium sorbents, adsorbent polymers, oxygen scavengers and pharmaceutical closures and containers, and recently began delivering a range of standard desiccant packets made at its newest plant in Dongguan, China.

Clariant Healthcare Packaging is also announcing that construction of a fourth manufacturing facility in Cuddalore, India, is on schedule and expected to come on line in 2017. Clariant's extensive manufacturing footprint ensures quick delivery and competitive pricing, as well back-up capacity to meet the BCP (Business Continuity Planning) requirements of many pharmaceutical customers.

Given the importance and broad scope of CPhI Barcelona, the Clariant Business Unit Industrial and Consumer Specialties (ICS) is also exhibiting at the fair, stand 4J46. ICS is one of the largest providers of specialty chemicals and application solutions for consumer care and industrial markets.

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