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Clariant unveils additions to its Antifrogen™ and Protectogen™ heat transfer liquid ranges at Chillventa

  • Two new Antifrogen™ products are for use in solar and geothermal systems
  • Protectogen™ N ECO is an economic answer in numerous applications
  • All three new products show very good corrosion inhibition properties
Muttenz, October 13, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will introduce three additions to its Antifrogen™ and Protectogen™ ranges of heat transfer products at Chillventa 2016, the international exhibition for energy efficiency, heat pumps and refrigeration taking place in Nuremberg on October 11th to 13th. Clariant is on Booth 6-201 in Hall 6.

Antifrogen SOLAR and Antifrogen GEO are for solar thermal systems and geothermal applications respectively. Protectogen N ECO provides an economic answer for heat transfer in numerous applications. All three meet the tough standards that Clariant has set itself relating to sustainability and responsible action.

Antifrogen SOLAR has been developed for the use in solar thermal energy systems, especially flat-plate collectors and heat pipe systems. This propylene glycol-based aqueous product protects metal components against corrosion and maintains its fluidity at low temperatures, virtually eliminating the risk of bursts. In its ready-to-use version, it has a frost resistance of -28°C and a maximum permanent use temperature of +150°C. Antifrogen SOLAR is also available as a concentrate, Antifrogen SOLAR Conc.

Clariant developed Antifrogen GEO specifically to meet the requirements of heat transfer fluids in shallow geothermal energy applications, where the correct choice of heat transfer fluid is critical to safe operation. This is a concentrate based on monoethylene glycol, offering long-lasting protection against frost, corrosion and lime scale.

Protectogen N ECO is a multi-purpose heat transfer fluid based on monoethylene glycol containing an effective combination of inhibitors for long- lasting protection against frost and corrosion in many different systems. The broad application spectrum for Protectogen N ECO ranges across industrial, hot water heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems, heat pump systems, wind turbines, and railway vehicles. Permanent usage temperatures range from -50 to +100 °C.

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