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More AddWorks® solutions for key plastic segments at K 2016

Incorporating a minor amount of AddWorks® additives solutions provides a major impact on polymer p...
  • Sustainable added-value for key plastic segments: Packaging, Agriculture & Automotive in focus at K 2016
  • Addresses stabilization, recycling, less emissions, crop protection
  • Supporting Mobility, Nutrition & Lifestyle Megatrends

Muttenz, October 24, 2016 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is presenting new AddWorks® additive solutions that support the evolving needs of major segments of the plastics industry.

Since introducing AddWorks at K 2013, Clariant has expanded it to several ranges of innovative, tested and ready-to-use plastic additive solutions to cover specific needs for key segments of the plastics industry. Clariant selects the most appropriate form-giving technologies and the obtained solutions contribute to making conversion processes lean and cost-effective for customers. Martin John, Vice President Polymer Additives at Clariant, comments: "AddWorks underscores Clariant's company-wide commitment to providing Value for People – our chosen theme for K 2016 and beyond. Over the last three years we have developed the concept to support the industry's requirements for sustainable and innovative solutions as the Megatrends influencing society create new opportunities for plastics."

At K 2016, Clariant features latest solutions for customers in the automotive, agriculture and packaging market segments, including: Automotive interiors: AddWorks ATR 146 is a new light and heat shield for automotive interior plastics that responds to the emerging OEM trend for improved durability and a low VOC environment. The sulfur-free solution provides exceptional light and heat stabilization in filled PP compounds, setting the new benchmark in performance by almost doubling the duration of thermal stability and in sustainability by reducing VOC emissions. AddWorks ATR 146 successfully passes the heat ageing standard test of no surface cracking after 700 hours at 150°C at low dosage with minimal VOC emission.

Agricultural films: AddWorks AGC 102 is a cost-effective solution to extend the service life of greenhouse films and to optimize the light transmission required to grow UV sensitive flower crops. Films based on AddWorks AGC 102 and its food-crop counterpart AddWorks AGC 104 are proven to perform even in the presence of high concentration of agrochemicals.

Food packaging: AddWorks PKG 902 allows polyolefin film manufacturers to incorporate a higher amount of recycled resin in their film process, resulting in significant raw material cost savings. It allows the resin to withstand the high line speed, and maintain the film quality with reduced breakages and significant gel and black spot reduction.

Stabilizer for plastic resins: AddWorks LXR 568 is a high performance process stabilizer that combines outstanding color and melt flow protection with a good resistance to hydrolysis. The product's hydrolytic stability helps processors to prevent degradation of plastic resins used to produce a wide range of end-use applications including packaging films, ensuring that consistent product performance is maintained.

More information on AddWorks and the broad range of solutions for automotive, industrial & construction, agriculture, and textiles & fibers segments, is available at

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