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Clariant combines best of local and global catalyst innovations to support China's needs

  • Local R&D and production for technologies specific to China, e.g. coal-to-chemicals applications
  • Access to global innovation resources for high-growth areas in China
  • Swift, effective response to impact on China's development
Munich, March 29, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is at the forefront in supporting China's industrial producers with its advanced catalyst innovations and expertise. By combining local and global resources, the company cooperates closely with Chinese customers to solve key challenges regarding productivity, feedstock, energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The company's comprehensive portfolio of catalysts addresses applications that are particularly important in China: It offers solutions for all major process steps, especially in the coal-to-chemicals value chain. Clariant's highly efficient catalysts also feature core aspects relevant to the evolution of China's industrial landscape, especially on resource and energy efficiency and environment protection.

Clariant product innovations currently benefitting the Chinese market include:

  • Catofin® catalysts for highly reliable and efficient propylene production, as well as the
  • StyroMax® catalyst series, which can support China in its aim to become more self-sufficient in styrene production.

Present in China for almost 50 years, Clariant's Catalysts business continues to build on its strong local footprint. It boasts a fully-fledged operation with contacts to local research institutes and universities, as well as independent technology partnerships. Clariant supports Chinese producers with an exceptionally broad portfolio of catalysts and adsorbents for all major application fields. In addition, Clariant recently established a highly experienced Engineering Service division to assist customers in ensuring safe, reliable and cost-effective plant operations.

The company is also strengthening its local R&D support to focus on areas specifically required in China, and to complement its global innovation resources. At the end of 2016 Clariant established a new Catalyst R&D center in Shanghai. The center will expand with the planned move to the One Clariant Campus – an integrated facility with Regional Headquarters and a new regional R&D center – opening in the first quarter of 2019.

Clariant's commitment to the Chinese market is also demonstrated through its state-of-the-art production facilities in Shanghai/Jinshan and Liaoning/Panjin. The facilities develop and produce a variety of catalysts to serve technologies that are specific to China and its feedstock conditions, many of which are also applicable globally. Local catalyst solutions are complemented with global innovations that are suitable for China as they apply to highly growing segments of the chemical market. Examples of catalysts manufactured locally include:

  • AmoMax® 10 for ammonia production, and
  • SynDane® LA, which is used to produce maleic anhydride.

Thomas Wenger, Head of Business Unit Catalysts China, described the company's commitment to China, stating, "To create value for Chinese customers, we are combining the best of two worlds: being a dedicated 'China Insider' while leveraging our access to global knowledge and resources. Our independent technology partnerships and local innovations are strong differentiators in this regard. They allow us to offer catalysts that effectively meet the needs of our clients in China. And vice versa, let our Chinese innovations also contribute to the success of our global customers."


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