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Clariant receives Sustainable Product & Service Award at 2016 GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll


  • Award presented during the 12th International CSR Forum and Award Ceremony held in Beijing on June 6-7, 2017
  • Clariant's long-standing commitment to sustainability further recognized by leading business and CSR community in China
  • Clariant's Portfolio Value Program, EcoTain® brand and CSR activities continue to advocate sustainability in strategic and operational levels, benefitting society as a whole
Shanghai, June 8, 2017 – Clariant, a world-leader in specialty chemicals, received recently the Sustainable Product & Service Award at the 2016 GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll, an annual listing of enterprises with outstanding CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) achievements in China. The award ceremony was held during the 12th International CSR Forum in Beijing, an annual event that brings together business leaders from China and abroad to present the latest CSR achievements. Clariant's efforts to drive sustainable development leveraged from Clariant global to China continue to be recognized by industry peers, and as one of only four enterprises receiving the Sustainable Development Award this year, the company's comprehensive commitment to sustainability was further underlined.

Organized by the China WTO Tribune, a monthly journal published by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation (MOFTEC) since 2002, the GoldenBee initiative is one of the earliest organized efforts in China fully committed to promoting the development of CSR in the country. Since 2007, a total of 255 leading enterprises in China have won the title of GoldenBee Enterprise. This year, a total of 500 enterprises entered the contest; among them 56 were shortlisted to be included in the annual Honor Roll.

"GoldenBee is a very good platform for us to share best practices in CSR and to contribute to sustainability, which is an element integrated in Clariant's strategy and daily operation. While EcoTain is only one example for "Sustainability at Clariant", our commitment to it is in line with the program theme this year, which is to 'Share the Responsibility, Share the Future,'" says Margaret Soong, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs in Greater China at Clariant.

As a leading international specialty chemical company operating in China, Clariant has successfully leveraged its Portfolio Value Program (PVP) to develop products that take a holistic approach to sustainability, creating value while reducing negative impacts on the environment. Key stakeholders along the value chains are also proactively engaged in collaboratively developing solutions that bring about long-term sustainability merits.

Based on a thorough review of multiple sources, including stakeholder and customer opinions of future sustainability priorities, 36 criteria have been developed for Clariant's PVP, which also forms the basis of Clariant's own EcoTain brand that readily identifies Clariant products or solutions that offer outstanding sustainability advantages. These products or solutions have undergone a systematic, in-depth screening process using 36 criteria in all three sustainability dimensions: social, environmental and economic. EcoTain products or solutions significantly exceed sustainability market standards, have best-in-class performance and contribute overall to sustainability efforts of the company and its customers.

Ongoing efforts in sustainability have won Clariant great recognition in China and globally. Since 2013, Clariant has been listed in the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), which distinguishes the top companies in sustainability performance globally and at industry levels. In China, Clariant Greater China was awarded for the second consecutive year the Responsible Care® Chairman Award by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) in 2015.

To harness stronger sustainability synergy, Clariant has played host to a series of sustainability-minded events at the Clariant Sustainability Dialogue in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015, and Shanghai, China in 2016, during which thought leaders were gathered to exchange their views on the subject. In China, the Clariant CSR program – HOPES1, launched in 2014, raises funds and organizes school activities to help students in the community to develop a more fulfilling school life.

1HOPES means Healthy, Open-minded, Positive, Explorative and Sustainable to focus on supporting sustainable development of education in the local communities in Greater China where Clariant are active in.


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