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Clariant to Increase Prices for Geko® and Ecosil® in Europe

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  • Price increases in Europe effective July 1st 2017 or as soon as contracts allow
Munich, June 16, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals has announced today a price increase in Europe for its Geko foundry green sand binders by 3% and for its Ecosil foundry lustrous carbon formers by 5 %, effective July 1st 2017 or as soon as contracts allow. The price increase is due to rising costs of certain raw materials and manufacturing.

The Business Unit Functional Minerals of Clariant is a leading global supplier of bentonite based specialty products for various applications in edible oil refining, metal casting, civil engineering and tunneling, paper making, laundry care, plastic stabilizers and various other industries. The strategic strength of Functional Minerals comes from a fully integrated value chain, from exploration to operation of the mines as well as processing the natural resource bentonite to customized industrial solutions. Functional Minerals also employs regional technical application centers that develop innovative solutions e.g. for the foundry industry and has recently launched Geko LE and Ecosil LE that drastically reduce BTXE emissions from green sand foundries.

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