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Clariant sets new trends for personal care industry in China with inspirational formulations

Clariant BeautyFoward® – Edition II: sets a new standard in the Personal Care industry. (Photo: Cl...

  • Clariant announces latest personal care business strategy and development in China
  • Inspirational formulations launched in four new trends of Custom, Origin, Revive and Balance under BeautyForward® Edition II
  • New dedicated business focuses on developing nature-inspired active ingredients
Shanghai, August 2, 2017 – Clariant, a world-leader in specialty chemicals, presented its latest business strategy and development plan for the personal care industry in China today. Riding on the BeautyForward II trend umbrella, dedicated formulations will be launched to the personal care industry in China under the four themes of CUSTOM, ORIGIN, REVIVE and BALANCE. In addition, a newly-formed dedicated business will focus on the development of nature-inspired active ingredients that are gaining popularity quickly in the personal care market.

As recent market research findings pointed out, even though the Chinese economic development has entered into a state of New Normal with more steady growth, the beauty and personal care market still maintained robust sales growth, especially in highly penetrated categories. On the other hand, increased awareness of personal hygiene-consciousness and rising living standards amongst the consumers in China have helped to fuel even faster pace of growth for premium products that set new trends in the market. "The local personal care market in China is undergoing differentiation influenced by both the forces of modern global living and the more traditional oriental living style and culture. Formulations being launched by Clariant under the four trends of Custom, Origin, Revive and Balance are tapping right into this growing market trend to satisfy more fully our customers' demand for the right personal care and cosmetic products," says Gamble Wu, Head of Sales, Personal Care & Industrial Home Care, Greater China, Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties of Clariant.

The four trends are based on the second edition of Clariant's own BeautyForward trend guide that offers market insights to stimulate new ideas for formulations, creative applications, product design and branding for the personal care industry. The inspirational guide is based on extensive on-the-ground research into lifestyle, technology, innovation and emerging cosmetic beauty products. It translates the global societal and cultural changes into personal care trends, consumer profiles, and links these with Clariant ingredients and formulations.

Formulations for Custom, Origin, Revive and Balance
CUSTOM - exploration and self-discovery are helping people rediscover their individuality in increasingly globalized context with cultural homogeneity. Beauty is all about helping people make their own bold statements with an individual sense of style. Clariant's natural ingredients discovered from unique plant species in different altitudes and biospheres from both within China and overseas from Jeju Island in Korea, and as far as Ethiopia and the Amazon Rainforest, help custom face serum and hair gelee that address individuality.

ORIGIN - in a global melting pot of cultures, people try hard to look for and hold on to their own original identities while celebrating diversity among themselves. A simplified life style that stresses original, pure beauty is getting more popular and has become a trend in the beauty care market. Clariant's multifunctional Aristoflex® Polymer, Velsan® SC and Plantasens® Abyssinia Oil are helping personal care products achieve this state of light beauty. REVIVE - technological advances and social media are driving more communication out of like-minded individuals than ever before. Flow of new ideas and information keep people busy looking for new, emerging products to help them keep up with the exciting new world around them. As the new generation becomes mainstream, the elements of energy, revival and personality have become popular icons. Clariant's ingredients such as Beraclay Amazon White Clay and Calm Yang® inject these vital elements of youthfulness and energy into any bottle of active lotion or hair mask.

BALANCE - to restore the balance in modern living is to find a way out of the routine to indulge oneself in exclusivity and life enrichment. As more consumers are looking to counteract stress, detoxify skin from daily pollutants, beauty products that help arrive at such transformative and indulgent experiences are said to be providing good balance. Clariant's ingredients, such as Aristoflex Polymer and BioDtox™ are helping to strike this balance between functionality and aesthetics.

New active ingredients business
Meanwhile, Clariant has recently expanded upon its traditional portfolio of specialty formulation ingredients for skin care, hair care and body care applications by entering the exciting spectrum of active ingredients. The company opened its new facilities on the Sanofi BioParc in Toulouse, France on January 1, 2017. The location is home to a dedicated team with vast experience in the field of active ingredients, with further global expansion planned for 2017. Toulouse was chosen in particular because of the area's active focus on biotechnology and proximity to potential development partners and players in the cosmetics industry.

The newly-formed team's priorities will be to extend its existing portfolio of naturally-sourced products from BioSpectrum and Beraca with the future development of novel nature-inspired active ingredients.


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