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Clariant Refinery Services (CRS) showcases best in class cold flow improving technologies at Refining India Conference

Dr. Werner Reimann, Global Marketing Manager, Clariant Refinery Services, talking about Processing...

  • Showcased deep expertise in pour point depressants for crude oils, diesel cold flow improvers and dewaxing catalysts for refineries
  • Offers individual service concepts to support the daily challenges of waxy opportunity crudes processing in refineries including crude handling and meeting diesel cold flow specs
New Delhi, September 20, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, participated in the recently concluded 5th Refining India Conference on September 18 -19, 2017. Dr. Werner Reimann, Global Marketing Manager, Clariant Refinery Services, presented a paper on 'Processing waxy opportunity crudes with advanced cold flow improver and catalytic dewaxing technologies'.

To process the challenging waxy opportunity crude types, Clariant has developed several products, such as Pour Point depressants , Cold Flow Improver-Booster systems and Dewaxing Technologies. Dr. Reimann demonstrated that a complete and regular treatment of these high waxy crudes enables refineries to operate more flexible and profitable.

"Clariant Refinery Services' participation at the Refinery India Conference 2017 demonstrates the strategic importance of the growing Indian refining market," comments Kay Kutschbach, Global Head of Refinery Services. "We understand the challenges faced by refiners who look to optimize their crude slate in order to increase their refining yields, maximize economics, and meet the latest and most stringent fuel quality requirements. Our deep expertise in Pour Point Depressants and Cold Flow improvers positions Clariant as a key partner to create customized solutions."

Clariant Refinery Services are global leaders in Cold Flow Improver technology. Due to the specialist know-how and deep refinery experience, they work in close contact with customers. Through regular visits, talks and trainings, their experts can provide recommendations and ongoing support to improve customer's daily operations.

Certain Clariant products such as DODIFLOW® and DODIWAX® were also presented in the conference showcase area.


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