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Clariant to present BeautyForward®-inspired formulations and new Active Ingredients Unit at in-cosmetics Asia 2017

Clariant BeautyForward®– Edition II. 
(Photo: Clariant)

  • Clariant will showcase BeautyForward Edition II at in-cosmetics Asia exhibition on 31 October - 2 November 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Brand new concept and product offering skin protection against negative blue light impacts from screens of electronic devices to unveil at the show
  • Newly-established business in France provides solid support and focus on developing nature-inspired active ingredients for Clariant globally
Muttenz, September 4, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will exhibit at the in-cosmetics Asia 2017 exhibition to be staged at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre in Thailand on 31 October -2 November 2017. Along with the second edition of BeautyForward trend forecast, Clariant will also showcase its line of natural active ingredients dedicated to enhancing the safety, efficacy and sustainability aspects of both skin care and hair care products.

The new trends are based on the second edition of Clariant's own BeautyForward trend guide that offers market insights to stimulate new ideas for formulations, creative applications, product design and branding for the personal care industry. The inspirational guide is based on extensive on-the-ground research into lifestyle, technology, innovation and emerging cosmetic beauty products. It translates global, societal and cultural changes into personal care trends, consumer profiles, and links these with Clariant ingredients and formulations. Dedicated formulations will be presented at in-cosmetics Asia 2017 under the four themes of CUSTOM, ORIGIN, REVIVE and BALANCE.

"As a result of growing concerns on health-related and skin-aging issues related to impact on the environment caused mainly by indoor and outdoor pollution, the demand for personal care products developed from natural ingredients with good efficacy is on the rise. At in-cosmetics Asia 2017, we will deliver a series of solutions inspired by the latest edition of Clariant's own trend guide of BeautyForward and Active Ingredients Unit," said Francois Bleger, Head of Clariant's Industrial and Consumer Specialties Business Unit in Asia Pacific.

Clariant Active Ingredient Unit will launch its second brand new product designed to counteract negative blue light impacts. Many publications relate the fact that exposure to blue light at night, emitted by electronic devices, is really harmful. People are spending more and more time using a computer or a phone, leading to blue light screen effect becoming a real danger for the skin. Clariant Active Ingredient Unit made advances in scientific knowledge and found out the link between blue light effect and aging. The digital generation will soon discover a solution for skin protection against contact with blue light caused by a more frequent use of smartphones, tablets, etc.

Another active ingredient which will be highlighted during the show is Eosidin™, which focuses on skin issues caused by indoor pollution. Indoor pollution is the accumulation of heavy metals, particulate matters and other materials indoors. It triggers a lot of skin irritation and leads to atopic-prone skin conditions. Eosidin specifically targets skin irritation triggered by indoor pollution and decreases bad skin consequences.

For outstanding lightening efficacy, the MadeWhite ingredient that is extracted from a well-known Chinese traditional plant, Centella asiatica, demonstrates strong effect on melanin synthesis inhibition and lightening activity, especially against skin color disorders. In the meantime, AkebiSol that comes from the Akebia quinata tree, is known for its amazing chocolate-scented blossoms, and brings anti-glycation and anti-collagenase properties to fight wrinkles.

Clariant's team of technical and customer service experts will be on hand at their booth, number N50, during the 3-day show to explain details of their products and answer enquiries from customers and visitors.

New active ingredients business Meanwhile, Clariant has recently expanded upon its traditional portfolio of specialty formulation ingredients for skin care, hair care and body care applications by entering the exciting spectrum of active ingredients. The company opened its new facilities on the Sanofi BioParc in Toulouse, France on January 1, 2017. The location is home to a dedicated team with vast experience in the field of active ingredients, with further global expansion planned for 2017. Toulouse was chosen in particular because of the area's active focus on biotechnology and proximity to potential development partners and players in the cosmetics industry.

The newly-formed team's priorities will be to extend its existing portfolio of naturally-sourced products from BioSpectrum and Beraca with the future development of novel nature-inspired active ingredients.


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