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Clariant focuses on keeping winter air passengers flying high at inter airport Europe

  • Global production footprint for more environmentally-friendly de-icers, offering a full line of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol-based fluids for extreme winter temperatures
  • Recycling cuts the carbon footprint of de-icing by 40-50%
  • Meet Clariant's de-icing experts at inter airport Europe, Hall A5 Booth 1212 , October 10-13, 2017, Munich, Germany
Muttenz, October 10, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, is ready to help the airport and aviation industry ensure safe and efficient operations through possibly the coldest winter this century in Europe1, and is demonstrating its sustainable and reliable support at inter airport Europe, October 10-13, 2017 (Booth 1212 Hall A5).

Clariant is presenting its global de/anti-icing products encompassing aircraft deicing and anti-icing fluids (Type I, Type II and Type IV), and liquid and solid runway de/anti-icers. These are produced at numerous sites in Europe, North America and Japan to ensure fast local supply. Europe's widely-used deicing fluid is Clariant's Safewing® MP I 1938 ECO (80), followed by Safewing MP II FLIGHT and Safewing MP IV LAUNCH.

Visitors can also explore Clariant's innovative on- and off-site aircraft deicer recycling concept, part of its support for more environmental compatibility in the industry. When de-icing is surrounded by dedicated drains, 60-80% of used fluid can be collected and distilled to commercial purity. According to an independent study, recycling is proven to cut de-icing's carbon footprint by 40-50%.

Dennis Mistreanu, Head of Aviation Business EMEA Clariant, comments: "Snow- and ice-free runways and aircraft wings are vital for safe and efficient winter operations. Local supply security for de-icers is therefore key for our customers. They're also looking for cost-efficiency and being able to lower environmental impact. With the IATA forecasting a record four thousand million scheduled passengers in 20172, we offer a sustainable product portfolio, secure global supply and fast delivery, backed by high level on-the-ground technical support, to help the industry address its challenging requirements."


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