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Clariant launches product innovations & trend concept at SEPAWA 2017

  • Spotlight on milder hand dishwashing liquids: new renewable, irritant-label-free surfactant
  • New CleanForward™: translating global megatrends for home care industry
  • Plus new carbon black-based aqueous pigment preparation & more at Booth A157-159, October 18-20, Berlin, Germany
Muttenz, October 18, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, today unveils an inspirational new platform linking megatrends with products for the Home Care market, a high purity colorant for cosmetics, and new renewable ingredients paving the way for label-free hand dishwashing liquids and less use of preservatives in mild formulations, at SEPAWA 2017.

Clariant's entire showcase of solutions at Booth A157-159 revolves around supporting greater sustainability, environmental compatibility and industry trends to address needs in Home Care, Fabric Care and Personal Care, from surfactants and polymers to pigment preparations.

Ralf Zerrer, Head of Strategic Marketing for the Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties at Clariant, comments: "Our SEPAWA 2017 focus is very much on giving customers in Home Care, Personal Care and Fabric Care the solutions they need to deliver effective yet more environmentally-compatible end products to consumers. We are excited to be at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of sensory, aesthetics, and milder, more skin-kind and environmentally-friendlier formulations."

New highlights for Home Care and Personal Care:

  • CleanForward trend platform: Clariant situates the ingredients of its new Home Care range within the context of actual global trends – Convenience, Sustainability, Well-being and Demographic Change – and links them to fully formulated products. It gives a face to each trend and a unique insight into all aspects of the diverse Home Care market.
  • GlucoPure® Sense: a unique label-free surfactant based on EU-sourced sunflower oil that is suitable for the formulation of effective label-free dishwashing detergents with improved sensorial to hands.
  • Emulsogen® GSC: reduce skin-sensitizing dishwashing liquids through less preservative. The new preservative booster has a low carbon footprint, is based on 100% renewable resources and is readily biodegradable according to OECD Test Guideline 301B.
  • Cosmenyl® Black N VP 6104: a new aqueous pigment preparation based on carbon black meeting the high purity criteria for cosmetic applications. The Carbon Black meets the Cosmetic Regulation in EU (EC No 1223/2009, Annex IV 2016/1120 from 11 July 2016), in USA (US FDA 21 CFR part 74 subpart C) and in Japan (Japanese Cosmetic standard MHLW).

Visitors can meet Clariant at Booth A157-159 from October 18-20 at the Estrel Congress & Exhibition Center in Berlin, Germany.

Clariant will hold a lecture on October 19, 2017 from 5:45 pm in the Forum for Innovations Home Care, Room 1: "A Novel Sunflower Oil Based Surfactant for Dishwashing Application."


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