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Clariant`s Agrocer™ seed colorants now available as pre-dispersed granules with uniform global specifications

Agrocer Yellow 001 Gran. is one of the first new seed colorants available in pre-dispersed granula...
  • Agrocer pigment preparations offer fast, cost-efficient seed coloration
  • The Agrocer product range complies with U.S. EPA inert ingredients regulations
  • ASTA CSS 2017 & Seed Expo, December 4-7, Chicago Hyatt Regency, Booth #809

Charlotte, December 1, 2017 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, will exhibit at the ASTA CSS 2017 & Seed Expo, December 4-7 at the Chicago Hyatt Regency. The company will feature its full range of Agrocer seed pigments and pigment preparations, the first dedicated range of colorants for the agricultural industry, at booth #809.

Clariant's Agrocer seed colorants are now available in pre-dispersed granulated pigments with a very small particle size making them easy to disperse in cold water. The new pre-dispersed granules flow like liquid, can be metered and are suitable for applications where a dust-free dry stir in process is needed. The new granulated formula requires minimal storage space.

Agrocer Green 007 Gran. and Agrocer Yellow 001 Gran. are currently available in the granulated form. More colors will be added in the coming months.

Agrocer colorants have been fully tested for seed safety, meet the global product specifications of the agrochemical, seed and fertilizer industries, and comply with U.S. EPA inert regulations. Agrocer pigment preparations are aqueous dispersions based on the Agrocer pigments. Compared to powdered pigments, Agrocer pigment preparations offer faster and more cost-efficient production to agrochemical, seed and seed treatment companies looking for safe, regulatory-compliant solutions for eye-catching, high-value products.

Clariant's Agrocer preparations are highly compatible with common seed treatment formulations as well as seed coating products. Agrocer pigment preparations offer maximum color strength through their high solids content and easy dispersibility, as well as a long shelf-life.

Agrocer products are nonylphenol ethoxylate (NPE)-free and alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE)-free, are not eye-irritating and do not require any hazardous labeling.


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