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Clariant's eWATCH program wins 2017 Best CSR Practice Award in China

Clariant's eWATCH program wins 2017 Best CSR ractice Award in China. (Photo: Clariant)
  • Clariant received recognition on sustainability achievement once again from China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment
  • eWATCH energy management program sets good example of CSR best practice for businesses in China
  • Clariant reaffirms further its commitment to sustainability development in its operation in China

Shanghai, December 26, 2016 – Clariant, a world-leader in specialty chemicals, has been recognized once again with its CSR best practice in China, this time by winning the Green Harmony Award of 2017 Best CSR Practice of Foreign Invested Enterprises in China through the eWATCH internal program for driving energy efficiency. The award was presented by the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment at a ceremony held in Beijing, China today.

"It is a huge honor for Clariant to receive the Green Harmony Award from the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment. Excelling through sustainability has always been a cornerstone of Clariant's ongoing development. By running our eWATCH program at major sites across our operation, Clariant has not only achieved good savings through efficient energy use, but also demonstrated that this could well be a model to be replicated by other businesses to achieve the same great results in sustainability," says Herbert Maier, Head of Energy & Utilities, GTI, Clariant.

Based on Clariant's strategic pillar of adding value with sustainability, the eWATCH program leverages a 3-dimensional holistic energy efficiency and management approach that combines the effects of operating system, management system and employee system to reduce the optional costs at production sites. Implementation of the eWATCH program at Clariant sites will also help contribute to Clariant's 2025 sustainability targets, through reduced water and energy consumption, as well as CO2, Green house gas, waste and effluent emissions.

Implementation of the eWATCH program began in China in 2017 involving major Clariant sites located in Jinshan, Zhenjiang, Panjin and Daya Bay. To facilitate the program's implementation, corresponding Site Energy Managers were appointed and energy teams set up on the site level. In the meantime, an energy KPI is also calculated for the main product groups for ongoing monitoring, while various projects are being implemented to bring about continuous improvement on energy efficiency.

"What a great achievement it is for our team in China to win this award again this year. Last year we received the honorable award through our EcoTain® flagship label that readily distinguishes our products with outstanding performance and sustainability advantages. The award will certainly give us a boost on our ongoing efforts in driving sustainability and we look forward to making a continuous impact on this area," says Jan Kreibaum, Clariant's President of Greater China and South Korea.

Clariant has been actively pursuing its CSR and sustainability objectives in China. Over the past five years, Clariant has received three times the AICM Chairman Award under the Responsible Care initiative that proactively engages industry peers to share sustainability best practices. Meanwhile, Clariant has launched its HOPES corporate citizenship program in China that regularly raises funds and organizes school activities to help students in the community develop a more fulfilling school life.


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