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Clariant showcased latest solutions at Home and Personal Care Ingredients Conference (HPCI) 2018

Allen Huang, Technical Manager for Industrial and Home Care, Clariant in Great China presented a p...
  • Eosidin™ targets indoor pollution to avoid atopic-prone skin condition and hypersensitivity
  • Eclipsogen® offers carefree broad spectrum UV protection
  • Innovative active ingredients inspired by nature & science

Mumbai, February 2, 2018 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, showcased its inspiring range of products for home and personal care at the HPCI Conference 2018 in Mumbai on January 31 and February 01, 2018.
Clariant offers an array of Active Ingredients that can be categorized in: Environment Protection, Moisturizing, Hair Care, Slimming, Skin Repair, Anti-aging, Lightening, Oily Skin, Soothing and Uniformization.
The active ingredient Eosidin is the first product solution focusing on indoor pollution control. Indoor pollution is the accumulation of heavy metals and other materials inside your home. It triggers a lot of irritation processes and can lead to atopic-prone skin conditions. Eosidin specifically targets this process to avoid atopic-prone skin condition and hypersensitivity. Eosidin is made from a well-characterized extract of a green fruit called citrus unshiu found on Jeju Island, a protected reserve off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.
Clariant's Eclipsogen is an UV filter for skin and hair protection which allows you to formulate beyond suncreens, addressing the most relevant trends in sun care market. Exposure to damaging ultraviolet radiation is associated with 90% of skin cancer, along with skin aging. The challenge is to keep your skin protected from UV-induced skin damage.
"One of the key strategies of the Industrial and Consumer Specialties business in India is to work closely with leading as well as upcoming Indian brands across the personal care industry, as we see a huge untapped potential and opportunity. Clariant thrives on its ability to identify these opportunities at an early stage and develop innovative solutions. This robust portfolio of formulation inspirations, across several market segments of home & personal care industry is our commitment towards enhancing overall consumer experience," said R. Kumaresan, Head of Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Clariant in India.
Clariant also showcased Praepagen® TQSV a vegetable-based product, an esterquat suitable for use in fabric softeners and Genamin® CTAC, a surfactant for hair conditioner which improves smoothness of dry and wet hair.
"Clariant's new promotion products featured under 'Clean and Care' concept for home care application, Genamin 1530 a newly developed surfactant blend – a hard surface cleaner which has excellent performance in heavy oil stains removal and Praepagen TQ type ester quats, which is vegetable base product for fabric softener. Innovation is given a high priority at Clariant. These newly developed products will definitely help us deliver new breakthroughs and capabilities in this new and exciting area of the home care market," said Allen Huang, Technical Manager for Industrial and Home Care, Clariant in Great China.
Visitors to Clariant's booth were offered an experiential zone to get introduced to its array of solutions, which touch consumers' lives in everyday products. During the 2-day show at HPCI, Clariant's team of technical and customer service experts were present at their booth, to explain details of their products and answer enquiries from customers and visitors.

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