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Clariant revolutionizes skin & hair care at customer symposium in India 

Miro Senjak, Global Launch Manager, Global Marketing BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties presente...
  • Aristoflex® Silk, multi-benefit polymer launched for the personal care market
  • Showcased Eclipsogen® that offers carefree broad spectrum UV protection
  • Eosidin, an innovation award winner in 2017 provides new mechanisms to increase the natural skin barrier function, against all forms of allergies and pollution

Mumbai, June 6, 2018 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, further advanced its leading position in the personal care ingredients market by highlighting its powerful solutions at a customer symposium held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat on June 5,2018. The product showcase included the launch of Aristoflex Silk, under Clariant's Aristoflex range of rheology modifiers in addition to anti-pollution solution like Eosidin™, which tackles pollution in the indoor environment.

While urbanization and modern living bring people convenience and luxury beyond imagination, the resulting invisible harm and hazards constantly put our skin and hair under pressure. In addition to the inescapable outdoor pollutants, indoor pollution also adds in making the skin and hair vulnerable.

Miro Senjak, Global Launch Manager said, "With its great salt tolerance and premium silkiness, Aristoflex Silk Polymer is the solution for complex skin care formulations. It is ready to use and easy to add at any formulation stage as it disperses quickly in water or oil phase. Aristoflex Silk can be used to bring perfect silkiness to sun care and skin-whitening products in addition to face creams, eye relaxing creams and skin boosting or detoxing face masks."

At the customer symposium, Clariant featured the following innovative ingredients:

Aristoflex Silk (INCI: Sodium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate) extends Clariant's range of Aristoflex rheology modifiers valued by the personal care industry for their exceptional thickening and texturizing properties as well as their unique sensorics. It's strong emulsification power allows it to work in harmony with a wide selection of emollients.

Coupled with the polymer's ability to suspend particles and stabilize formulations, Aristoflex Silk is suitable for a wide range of skin-care applications, such as premium face care cream, sun-protection cream, whitening serum and skin boosting mask. In addition to improving the overall product sensory, it has a high tolerance towards salts and works at low pH.

In addition to the launch of Aristoflex Silk, the product display also included Eosidin, a Clariant product targeting indoor pollution. It helps in tackling skin immuno-modulation to avoid irritating atopic-prone skin and triggering hypersensitivity. Eosidin is a well-characterized extract of green citrus unshiu, coming from the protected reserve of Jeju Island in South Korea. It also controls skin irritation and sensitivity by significantly inhibiting release of histamine, an amine released by body tissues in allergic reactions causing irritation.

As consumers are becoming more concerned and aware of the harmful effects of direct sunlight on skin and hair, particularly exposure to ultraviolet rays that cannot be completely filtered by the atmosphere and natural environment, the team also presented Eclipsogen Sorb M and Eclipsogen Sorb S. In addition to this, the team highlighted Lightening Active Ingredients – Alpha-Melight™, HodVital™ and MadeWhite, that decrease the melanin content responsible for skin color and pigmented spots.

Eclipsogen Sorb M provides a broad spectrum of UV absorption covering both the longer Ultraviolet A and shorter Ultraviolet B ranges of rays that may cause harmful effects on the skin. Eclipsogen Sorb S, provides dedicated UV filtering of Ultraviolet A rays, which are considered a bigger enemy to human skin.

Gautam Kanthadai, Head-Sales and Application Development, Industrial and Consumer
Specialties - India, said, "Today, India is an important market in Asia and is one of the first markets where we provide customised solutions to meet our customer needs. One of the key pillars of our growth is innovation and sustainability on a product level. We aim to be the preferred partner to the Personal Care industry and being recognized for our sustainable innovations."

In addition to the product presentations, the team also demonstrated the performance of Aristoflex polymers and Glucotain mild surfactants through an interactive live lab session. The audience got a first hand touch and feel experience of the product showcase.


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