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Clariant Active Ingredients BioDTox™ takes on toxins to fight dull complexion, oily skin & successfully cleanse pollutants 

Clariant Active Ingredients BioDTox takes on toxins to fight dull complexion, oily skin & successf...
  • New tests further confirm skin detoxification boost, sebum reduction for an enhanced complexion, and pollutant protection
  • Food-origin plant extracts: broccoli, citrus and aloe chosen for ability to boost skin’s natural detoxifying ability
  • For leave-on & rinse-off Personal Care products

Muttenz, November 28, 2018 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, and its Active Ingredients business unveil new data further confirming the effectiveness of food-origin plant extracts active BioDTox in activating the skin’s natural detoxification process, controlling sebum and cleansing pollutants on the skin so that they can be easily eliminated. The result is a brighter complexion and better protection against environmental stress damage.

Excessive exposure to toxins such as pollutants and chemicals can wreak havoc with skin by preventing its own natural detoxification process from working as it should. The process normally involves two steps - phase I and II – which allow the modification of these toxic compounds, including Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), into non-toxic hydrophilic substances, which are easily eliminated. Especially phase II, under Nrf2 regulation, can directly activate anti-oxidant enzymes neutralizing oxidants, limiting the induced cell apoptosis. Too much toxins triggers excess of oxidative stress modifying skin sebum production through over stimulation of sebocytes located in sebaceous glands. It leads to overall accumulation of skin imperfections, shiny skin and lack of skin radiance.

Through detailed understanding of BioDTox’s mode of action, Clariant Active Ingredients has identified that the active ingredient enhances the skin cell detoxification process by activating the Nrf2 pathway, which in turn breaks down toxins, protecting against oxidative stress damage and limiting skin disorders. Immediately, sebum is controlled and pores are cleaned.

Clariant Active Ingredients verified the performance through new in-depth tests focused on regulation of sebocytes activation in which various life conditions as oily-skin and acne-prone skin models were mimicked leading to control of lipid content. Further test included apoptotic protection against oxidative stressors. Clariant Active Ingredients also identified the ingredient’s ability to aggregate pollutants in order to ease their elimination by increasing the particle size thus reinforcing the cleaning ability of the active.

BioDTox is made of three extracts from specific chosen species known for their potential in revitalizing the detoxification process. Citrus bioflavonoids are powerful anti-oxidants against free radicals because they act as »radical scavengers«. Aloe, whose skin benefits are well established, contains polyphenols which have strong anti-oxidant properties. Broccoli is an abundant source of sulforaphane, a well-known activator of the phase II detoxification enzyme.

Alexandre Lapeyre, Global Manager Technical Marketing, Clariant, comments: “Nowadays, we are exposed to more toxic chemicals than our grandparents ever were, and this over-exposure takes its toll on the skin’s natural ability to boost and detoxify itself. The result is skin imperfections, shiny skin and a lack of skin radiance. BioDTox equips formulators with the ability to embrace both the detox and plant-based industry trends and develop rinse-off and leave-on products that effectively target and overcome these challenges to detoxify skin, enhance complexion, and make skin more resistant to toxins.”

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