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Clariant brings solutions to cosmetic industry’s top priorities with inspiring and sustainable Envisioning Beauty brand

Clariant brings solutions to cosmetic industry's top priorities with inspiring and sustainable Env...
  • Distinct product clusters match customers’ top five needs: functionality, superior sensory experiences, safe preservation, natural approach and active ingredients
  • Revolutionary seaweed-derived Epseama targets long non-coding RNA 886 to proactively reduce wrinkles, improve hydration and fade dark spots
  • Innovative solutions showcased during the ICI Surabaya show; June 26-27

Singapore, July 9, 2019 – Clariant’s newly launched “Envisioning Beauty” brand made its debut to the Indonesian market during ICI Surabaya, grouping into five product clusters to support future industry innovations: Functional Claims, Sensorial Effects, Preservation, Naturals and Actives. Based on market foresight and customer insight, “Envisioning Beauty” addresses the most relevant needs of the trend-guided personal care industry, focused on making demonstrable benefits that offer solutions for specific challenges simple to find for everyone from established brands to indie formulators.

Functional Claims get a boost through Genadvance®, a range of three hair conditioning ingredients that each bring superior solutions: Life for dull hair, Repair for damaged hair and Hydra for dry hair. Based on meticulous research and an entirely new scientific approach, Genadvance stands to revolutionize the global hair care market.

Sensorial Effects offers me-time pampering from head to toe. For example, Clariant’s Aristoflex® Silk, a multipurpose rheology modifier, delivers an outstanding silky skin feel coupled with unique benefits like great salt tolerance in a wide range of formulations. It is also an ideal polymer for formulations with active ingredients.

Preservation ingredients bring safe and natural alternatives to complex formulations through a cluster of products like the rheology modifier, emulsifier and preservation booster Velsan SC, which make it easier for customers to select effective multifunctional preservation solutions that meet efficiency needs and shifting regulatory requirements and product trends.

Naturals responds to the ever-growing calls for natural and more sustainable ingredients, offering formulators the rare opportunity to create even 100% natural formulations without looking any further, containing everything necessary for a natural product, from mild surfactants to emollients and preservatives. Grouped into two distinct categories, “Origins” and “Green Performers,” Clariant Naturals celebrates global biodiversity and the magic of local roots, and provides a powerful antidote to the myth that natural means less sophistication in terms of functioning.

For example, GlucoTain®, from the “Green Performers” range, offers an innovative line of sugar-based surfactants for a wide range of applications offering sensory benefits through a range of foam structures (from fluffy to rich) and conditioning levels (from light to caring), and is sulfate-free, and betain-free.

“Consumer calls for natural ingredients continue to drive the cosmetics and personal care markets in Asia,” said Vipul Bhatt, Clariant Head of Sales & Application CC SEA, BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties. “Through the Envisioning Beauty structure, we are even better able to help our customers boost their sustainable and natural innovations through expert application.”

Actives promotes fresh approaches to the dynamic anti-aging segment through the seaweed-based Epseama active, which effectively targets the long non-coding skin rejuvenator RNA 886, helping users achieve fewer signs of wrinkles, better skin hydration and faded pigment spots. This innovative approach to anti-aging, derived from the “superfood of the sea,” farmed off the coast of a South Korean island, helps customers differentiate their products by targeting the true reasons for aging: chronoaging, photoaging and inflammaging.

Epseama’s outstanding benefits are clinically proven through in vitro, ex vivo and clinical tests. For example, in a clinical trial on 19 women over age 50, after only four weeks, the difficulty to remove nasolabial wrinkles were smoothed by 19% in volume and 10% in roughness, while dark spots decreased by 10% and skin moisture levels increased by 14.2%.



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