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Clariant to feature water-based and synthetic industrial lubricant applications at Inter Lubric China 2019

Emulsogen MTP 090 being put to the test at the Clariant Innovation Center. 
(Photo: Clariant)
  • Clariant will exhibit in the 20th Inter Lubric China trade show to be held on August 21-23 in Guangzhou, China
  • Outstanding formulation advantages of new ranges Emulsogen® C, Emulsogen® MTP, Genapol® EP and Polyglykols will be featured
  • Dedicated seminar to be held for up-close application highlights

Shanghai, August 15, 2019 – Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today announced will participate in the Inter Lubric China exhibition this year by highlighting Emulsogen C, Emulsogen MTP and Genapol EP, from the specialty chemical company’s new range of emulsifiers that offer outstanding formulation advantages with minimal human and environmental impact. In addition, its Polyglykol synthetic base fluids will also be featured at the show, which will be held on August 21-23 at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou, China.

The industrial sector in China is facing more stringent environmental regulations and the need to drive higher operation efficiency. The metal working industry in particular is in need of industrial lubricant solutions that match such growing expectations. For decades, Clariant has been fully committed to offering comprehensive industrial lubricants with depth and product diversity leveraging its global strength and local resources. As a result, it has emerged as a preferred supplier for water-based and synthetic industrial lubicant applications that are innovative and versatile.

Since there is a growing trend to adopt faster moving machineries with heavier loads, water-based metalworking / cleaning fluids applied are required to have low-foaming ingredients. Clariant’s recently launched Emulsogen MTP range of low-foaming  emulsifiers offers strong performance-boosting properties that set them apart from existing non-ionic emulsifier options for cutting fluids. In addition to excellent emulsification power, low foaming tendency, lime soap dispersing capability and lubrication, each product of the range has its unique performance profile that corresponds to paricular requirements.

Emulsogen C ether carboxylic acids, on the other hand, are valuable ingredients for high performance formulations such as semi-synthetic metal working fluids. Besides being powerful emulsifiers, the Emulsogen C products effectively stabilize emulsions against electrolytes and hard water. They also offer further formulation advantages such as corrosion protection and low foaming, depending on the selected product type.

“We aim to become the preferred supplier for water-based and synthetic industrial lubricant applications by providing innovative, state-of-the-art solutions combined with a high level of service and formulation support to meet the current and future industry challenges. With product readily available from our Zhenjiang manufacturing plant, customers in China can enjoy some of these product offerings backed by excellent formulation support provided by our local team,” said Zhigang Miao, Clariant’s Head of RBL China, BU ICS.

Also featured at Inter Lubric China is Clariant’s Genapol EP series. The low foaming surfactants are alcohol alkoxylate mainly used in industrial rinsing on metal and glass surfaces. With their good wetting properties and outstanding stability over a wide pH range, they have good applications for various industrial and metal cleaning products.

In the meantime, there is a shift in the market from mineral based oils to synthetic oils. For worm gears especially, gear oils based on polyalkylene glycols are nowadays the lubricant of choice. They offer lowest friction coefficients and thus highest energy efficiencies during operation. Among them, Clariant's Polyglykols offer reduced formulation work, as they are readily available in a broad range of viscosities. With excellent thermal conductivity, the Polyglykols allow heat to be transferred away from hotspots during operation of a gear box. As resource savings and energy efficiency is getting more and more important all around the world Clariant will spend a dedicated talk on “How polyglycols save energy in industrial gear application” at the Inter Lubric at the 19th of August.  

In addition to exhibiting their industrial lubricant solutions at booth A192 of Hall 1 in the Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center during Inter Lubric China, Clariant will also host a dedicated seminar on August 15, 2019 at its Shanghai office. David Schaeffel, Clariant’s Segment Leader of Industrial Lubricants, together with his colleagues will present Clariant’s full range of industrial lubricants and cleaning fluids in great detail.


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