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Bio-based and climate friendly: Clariant’s new addition to the TexCare® detergent polymer line

Clariant's TexCare SRN 260 Life is bio based with superior fiber protection. 
(Photo: Clariant)
  • Bio-based TexCare SRN 260 Life combines unmatched climate and sustainability benefits with best in class fiber protection against dirt
  • Fabrics washed with TexCare SRN 260 Life up to six times cleaner than those washed with detergent only
  • To be launched at H3i Manchester, 21-22 April 2020

Muttenz, February 27, 2020 – Clariant, one of the leading suppliers of sustainable ingredients and solutions for the Industrial and Home Care Cleaning segment, has combined best in class fiber protection against dirt, with outstanding sustainability benefits, in its new soil release polymer for laundry detergents.

To be launched at H3i in Manchester, TexCare SRN 260 Life is bio-based, unlike all other soil release polymers in the laundry detergent segment which are synthetically sourced, and has an 80% Renewable Carbon Index (RCI), making it more sustainable than any other soil release polymer used in liquid detergents and cleaners.

“This latest addition to our TexCare range gives the producers of laundry liquid detergents, particularly green-oriented brands, a unique soil release polymer,” said Clariant’s Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Ralf Zerrer. “With its carbon and bio-based credentials, we developed TexCare SRN 260 Life to meet the growing consumer demand for more environmental friendly products. Indeed, recent forecasts expect the ‘green’ segment of the Industrial and Home Care sector to grow by 6.5% until at least 2024.”

In addition to its improved eco-friendly properties, in laboratory tests fabrics washed with the help of this top-performing soil release polymer came out up to six times cleaner than those washed with detergent only. TexCare SRN 260 Life also prevented the redeposition of dirt during washing, which is the main culprit for graying, almost two times better than a standard detergent alone.

Find out more about TexCare SRN 260 Life and Clariant’s range of other eco-friendly products at H3i in Manchester, 21-22 April 2020. 


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