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Clariant presents its Integrated Report 2019

IMG Clariant Integrated Report 2019 Cover
  • Detailed overview of multidimensional approach to creating added value 
  • Explores and evaluates trends to identify future value creation opportunities
  • Complete Report available online, condensed version as hard copy

Muttenz, March 9, 2020 – Clariant, a focused and innovative specialty chemical company, today published its Integrated Report 2019. It gives a detailed overview of the company’s multidimensional approach to value creation, covering both tangible and intangible, and financial and nonfinancial aspects of its business.

Titled “Here We Go”, the report explores and evaluates trends that can guide the progress of Clariant. By reviewing new developments that show on the company’s radar screen, considering which of them truly matter and cross-checking those against its current positioning, directions for future value creation opportunities are identified.

“Our commitment to integrated reporting continues, reflected by the ever-increasing importance of sustainability. As another step in steering our company accordingly, Clariant assessed its business activities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By reporting how the implementation of our strategy makes a positive contribution to the SDGs, we aim to further enhance the support and confidence of all our stakeholders”, said Hariolf Kottmann, Executive Chairman of Clariant. 

The complete Integrated Report for 2019, including the Corporate Governance Report, Compensation Report, Financial Report as well as the GRI report, is available on and can be downloaded in English and German. A condensed printed version of the report in English or German can be ordered via the company website.

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