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Clariant wins 2020 China GoldenBee CSR Award

GoldenBee Enterprise
  • EcoCircle advocacy and commitment to circular plastics economy recognized with GoldenBee Enterprise (One Star) honor.
  • Details on EcoCircle and relevant solutions documented in “2020 GoldenBee CSR Competitiveness Case Study Collection.” 
  • Award presented during the 15th China CSR International Forum-cum-GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll.

Shanghai, August 10, 2020–Clariant’s commitment to plastic recycling along its value chain and advocacy for its EcoCircle initiative through sustainable products, solutions and partnerships have earned the company the 2020 China GoldenBee CSR Award.

Named a GoldenBee Enterprise (One Star)1, Clariant is recognized for contributing to the infrastructure needed to enable plastics industry to shift toward circular business models and improved sustainability, which is in line with GoldenBee’s pursuit of sustainability and CSR. In addition, details of Clariant’s EcoCircle and how the company’s relevant solutions and products help contribute to the circular plastics economy were also documented in the “2020 GoldenBee CSR Competitiveness Case Study Collection.”

“Clariant has a long-term commitment to sustainability, and many of our strategies and solutions are built around that mission. With initiatives like EcoCircle, we’ve addressed the plastic recycling challenge by not only putting forward our own solutions, but also aligning with our partners in the chemical industry to create stronger synergies for a circular plastics economy by helping reduce, re-use and recycle plastics,” says Andy Walti, Head of Region China, Clariant.

Clariant’s EcoCircle initiative addresses the entire process along the circular plastics value chain, and the company combines business-wide competencies and technologies to screen and develop products with outstanding circular advantages. In the meantime, the established EcoCircle Center of Excellence also provides a platform to facilitate knowledge exchange, customer collaboration and value chain co-creation of ideas on specific circular topics with external partners, from consumers to brand owners, recyclers, resin producers and academics.

The GoldenBee Award was presented in Beijing on August 6, 2020 during the “15th China CSR International Forum-cum-GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll,” please click here to view the whole awarding list. The annual event was hosted by China Sustainability Tribune and GoldenBee, which is a pioneer network of CSR and sustainable development in China that includes a host of Chinese enterprises committed to pursuing sustainable development.

The recognition from the CSR and sustainable development community in China reinforces further Clariant’s commitment to sustainability. The company has earned a listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for seventh consecutive year, giving it recognition as one of the most sustainable chemical companies in the world. 

About the "Golden Bee Enterprise" star: the GoldenBee China List hopes to provide a platform for more outstanding companies to display. All bee-type companies on the list will no longer participate in the evaluation within three years; if on the list again three years later, the company will be awarded the honor of "Golden Bee Enterprise", accumulating 1 star, and adding 1 star every three years after ranking in the list.


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