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Discover Clariant’s new FIXAT™ Optimum: minimizing mycotoxin effects in feed for healthier animals

Mycotoxin cycle from feed to meat and dairy products.
  • Mycotoxins can significantly impact animal weight gain and feed conversion
  • Compliant with EC 1060/2013 regulations, 1m558, FIXAT Optimum protects against mycotoxins, including poisonous Aflatoxins
  • New solution is cost efficient and helps to optimize shelf life of feed

Munich, November 17, 2021 - Clariant has unveiled its latest solution against dangerous mycotoxins, formed by mold fungi, that occur in up to 25% of global feed production. Launched at the nutriFORUM Conference in Spain, FIXAT Optimum protects animals against these dangerous toxins, including highly poisonous aflatoxins.

Mycotoxins are formed by mold fungi occurring in feed that is grown and stored in poor conditions. It’s expected that more frequent droughts, floods and other natural disasters due to climate change will worsen today’s situation. The presence of mycotoxins in feed leads to significant decreases in an animal's performance parameters, such as weight gain and feed conversion. It also causes organ damage or reproduction issues, resulting in considerable revenue losses in animal production. Even more concerning is the carry-over of mycotoxins into meat, eggs and dairy products, causing unwanted exposure to humans.

FIXAT Optimum is a newly developed adsorbent, consisting of Bentonite, a precious clay mineral that features particular swelling properties and strong binding powers. It removes mycotoxins from animal feed by fixing them on their surface, interacting electrostatically with the polar groups of the mycotoxin molecule.

“This new solution binds mycotoxins in the animals’ gastrointestinal tract. Even in these tough conditions the toxin remains tightly bound and can be excreted without causing damage. We’ve fully replicated the conditions of absorption and desorption in the lab to test our product’s performance,” said Guido Appl, Clariant’s Head of Business Segment Purification & Feed EMEA.

While suitable for all species, ages and categories of animals as well as all feedstuffs, FIXAT Optimum is compliant with EC 1060/2013 regulations, 1m558. It is a metabolism-friendly solution which leaves no residues of mycotoxin metabolites and effectively helps to optimize the shelf life of the feed, ensuring the yield.


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