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Clariant suspends all business with Russia

MUTTENZ, MARCH 4, 2022 – Clariant, a focused, sustainable, and innovative specialty chemical company, today announced it will suspend business with Russia in response to the Russian state’s intolerable acts of violence in the Ukraine with immediate effect. Clariant’s operations in Russia include a sales office and a laboratory in Moscow and contribute approximately 2% to the company’s annual sales.

“We strongly oppose Russia's war against the Ukraine and support the vote of the UN General Assembly that the Russian government must immediately stop the aggression, withdraw its troops, and abide by the rules of the UN Charter. Our thoughts are with our 146 employees and their families in the Ukraine and we are doing everything in our power to support them. We join them in hoping that this brutal violence will end soon. Continuing to do business under these circumstances is incompatible with our purpose and values. Therefore, we have decided to suspend all business with Russia with immediate effect,” said Conrad Keijzer, Clariant’s Chief Executive Officer.

Many employees of Clariant have taken personal initiative to help their colleagues in the Ukraine or to support aid organizations on the ground. Clariant encourages these activities and is grateful that the Clariant Foundation has made a donation to UNICEF, which is working with communities in the Ukraine to ensure that children and families in need can be helped right away.

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