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Target stress-induced hair-loss with Prunizen™ from Clariant

Prunizen, an extract of Prunella vulgaris, based on the edible and traditional medicinal herb cult...
  • Targets psychoemotional stress-triggered cortisol production known to weaken hair health
  • Clinical performance on anti-hair loss activity after 3 months
  • Provides better hair vitality & soothes scalp discomfort

MUTTENZ, March 30, 2022 - Clariant Natural Ingredients announces the launch of Prunizen a new natural “feel good” active to fight stress-induced hair-loss, improve hair vitality and density, and restore hair and scalp well-being. The extract of Prunella vulgaris, an edible and traditional medicinal plant commonly known as “self-heal”, will make its industry debut at in-cosmetics Global 2022.

Psychoemotional stress (PES) is caused by personal pressures, situations, and life experiences and is unfortunately commonly felt. On-going uncertainty, as in current times, can heighten its presence. According to a new survey conducted by Clariant[1], more than 70% of consumers feel stressed. They have a thorough knowledge of the effects of stress, and 86% are aware of the negative impact it can have on appearance. Damage to hair is a prime consumer concern, and hair loss is the number one stress manifestation they cite.

“PES is deeply detrimental to scalp and hair health because it triggers excessive production of the hormone cortisol. This provokes negative reactions such as accelerated hair loss, thinning, graying, scalp irritation and itching. It’s not possible to eliminate PES periods from people’s lives, but we are delighted to offer a herbal active proven to uniquely reduce stress-induced changes, which will support anti-hair-loss innovation and the growing role of haircare products in managing emotional strain,” comments Alexandre Lapeyre, Head of Marketing & Business Development Clariant Natural Ingredients.

Prunizen utilizes the properties of Prunella vulgaris to successfully help reduce cortisol production. In destressing the hair and scalp, the new extract efficiently counteracts stress-induced slowing of hair follicles growth, helps preventing hair fall, and protects hair structure. It also improves the scalp’s well-being by increasing the release of oxytocin, a powerful neurotransmitter that provides potent anti-stress effects.

Clinical tests demonstrate its positive effects in fighting stress-induced hair loss and visibly improving hair density in emotionally stressed people. After three months, the volunteers benefited from -15% reduction in hair in loss stage, +83% increase in hair quality and +38% increase in hair volume.

In light of its effectiveness and natural origin composition, Prunizen is set to be a particularly welcome innovation for formulators and brands as demand for sophisticated high-end hair care steps up.

To discover more about potential applications, test results, and inspiration for developing novel hair and scalp care products targeting cortisol’s negative effects, visit

Prunizen will be showcased at in-cosmetics 2022 Booth E70 in an exciting sample formulation within Clariant’s new Beauty Wizard concept. And features in a presentation “Natural actives to tackle the effects of contemporary stress” on April 5, 17:20 h - 17:50 h in Theatre 3.

Find out more about Clariant’s support for more sustainable, high RCI formulations that inspire consumers at Booth E70 and across the in-cosmetics event in a series of technical seminars and at the Innovation Showcase. Full details of topics and timings can be accessed via


[1] Survey of 300 average French consumers (269 women/31 men, aged 20-60)

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