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Discover Galactinol Advanced the biomimetic booster of skin resilience

Resurrection plants: uniquely equipped for survival.
  • Bio-inspired active that helps skin to resist environmental stress
  • Activates skin defense mechanisms & triggers skin resilience: improving elasticity, firmness, and reducing wrinkles
  • Obtained from an eco-compatible biocatalytic process

MUTTENZ, April 6, 2022 - Prepare skin to face up to increasing environmental stress with new bio-inspired active Galactinol Advanced. Clariant Natural Ingredients takes inspiration from the hardiness of resurrection plants in its new, responsibly-obtained active which is proven to innovatively enhance skin resilience and improve elasticity, firmness, and wrinkles.

To endure and revive from harsh conditions such as prolonged dehydration, a “resurrection plant” produces a protective sugar called galactinol. This compound is essential to several intrinsic defense mechanisms to reduce damage and contribute to recovery when conditions improve.

“These comeback stars of nature inspired us to bring similar properties to the skin, to mitigate the accelerated damage that can come from rising UV exposure and weather extremes,” comments Alexandre Lapeyre, Head of Marketing & Business Development Clariant Natural Ingredients. “Our new active successfully delivers on key resilience targets, triggered by boosting the beneficial properties of skin microbiota and human skin cells. Its unique way of working on contemporary stress impacts and its eco-compatible process combine to make Galactinol Advanced a highly-relevant product contributing to sustainable beauty.”

Galactinol Advanced offers formulators a unique solution for boosting skin defense systems and strengthening skin resilience in the context of diverse care serums and creams. It activates antioxidant mechanisms and helps repair DNA damage, protein quality and functionality are optimized, and hydration is improved through enhanced hyaluronic acid production. The matrix is reinforced and cells are also better able to cope with external aggressions. Furthermore, the active keeps the normal proportions of skin microbiota at the right balance, allowing them to maintain their vital contribution to keeping skin strong and healthy.

All this translates into powerful abilities to restore elasticity and firmness and reduce wrinkles. Clinical tests on photo-exposed women demonstrate that within 28 days, crows-feet area wrinkle volumes decreased by -19%, elasticity improved by +18.2% and firmness by +5.5%. In addition to the benefits it brings to skin, the new active also addresses a further key industry priority - environmentally compatible process.

The compounds for Galactinol Advanced are obtained from common agricultural byproducts via biocatalysis, which is a clean synthesis process that avoids toxic reagents and organic solvents. Using white biotechnology eliminates any need to harvest wild plants in order to obtain rare galactinol.

To learn about Galactinol Advanced and its efficacy, check out: Site visitors can also request downloads on test results and tap into inspiration for developing novel a broad range of care products.

Galactinol Advanced is among Clariant’s comprehensive support for formulations with high renewable content to inspire consumers on-show at in-cosmetics 2022 booth E70

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