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First “all-in-one” for All-in-Ones: new surfactant Genapol® Complete ticks all the boxes for automatic dishwashing tabs

Rinse performance - Genapol Complete with 4% surfactant in phosphate-free powder.
  • Shiny dishware, good drying & low carbon footprint, all from a vegetal origin surfactant
  • No more fatty residues – Genapol Complete minimizes a key machine cleanliness issue with best-in-class All-in-One formats
  • High formulation flexibility for environmental label criteria: greater environmental-compatibility with no aquatox. label

MUTTENZ, October 18, 2022 - Clariant introduces a much-needed surfactant boost to the All-in-One automatic dishwashing (ADW) segment as brands look to take their highly convenient tablets in a more environmentally-compatible direction. Launched today, vegetal-origin Genapol Complete is the first environmental label-compatible surfactant capable of achieving excellent rinse and very good overall drying performance, cleaner machines and CO₂ product footprint savings.

“The automatic dishwasher segment is responding to shifting consumer preference for products with a lower environmental impact. But, in the absence of high-performing, environmentally-compatible ingredients, the focus has been primarily restricted to packaging-related choices for All-in-One tabs,” comments Hermann Bach, Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Clariant Business Unit Care Chemicals. “Until now. New Genapol Complete can help brands make significant headway on the ingredient front too, to create formulations with excellent cleaning performance and clear sustainability claims. We’re proud to fill this significant gap with this exceptional all-round package.”

Genapol Complete is derived from coconut oil and is readily biodegradable. It successfully combines a unique set of benefits which will enable formulators and brand owners to achieve high-performing, highly differentiated future All-in-One formats, whether pursuing partial natural origin, compatibility with environmental labels, or lowering the carbon footprint of their final products.

The vegetal-based surfactant delivers excellent rinse performance and very good overall drying performance to formulations, at levels comparable to the current fossil-based surfactant market benchmark and exceeding renewable-based alternatives. At the same time, it stands out for its proven ability to minimize fatty residue deposits in the machine, tackling what is often a major issue when using this particular format.

The differentiation continues into sustainability performance. Genapol Complete targets an area of key consideration in formulating modern Home Care formats – CO₂ reduction in final products. The natural origin of Genapol Complete ensures a substantially lower carbon product footprint for final formulations than is possible with standard surfactants. It achieves CO₂ savings of 30% compared to the best in class benchmark, with no loss in rinse performance, thus providing brands with a significant differentiating advantage for their products.

Genapol Complete also offers higher flexibility for achieving environmental label-certified formulations as it has no aqua toxicity label and a lower Critical Dilution Volume (CDV). CDV is one of the main criteria in the evaluation of leading environmental labels. Genapol Complete has a CDV which is 60 times lower than standard surfactants and 3 times lower than the best-in-class benchmark. Clariant’s new surfactant therefore has better compatibility with EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan, Blue Angel and Safer Choice, which sets it apart from benchmark vegetal and non-vegetal origin surfactants.

Clariant has awarded its EcoTain® label to Genapol Complete in recognition of the surfactant’s outstanding sustainability and performance benefits.

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