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Clariant's advanced active Rootness® Awake wins prestigious European innovation award

Plant Milking technology* revealing the plants potential.
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  • Active ingredient takes first prize in the Environment and Actives categories of the BSB Innovation Awards
  • Rootness Awake is Clariant’s eye contour illuminator
  • Product is one of three powerful award winning actives using advanced, sustainable Plant Milking technology

MUTTENZ, November 3, 2022 - Rootness Awake, Clariant’s advanced and powerful active ingredient, that fights under-eye circles and eye bags, has won gold in the Environment and Actives categories of the BSB Innovation Awards, a prestigious European prize with a proud 20-year history.

The natural active is Clariant’s eye contour illuminator co-developed with Plant Advanced Technologies (PAT). Extracted from the roots of Ipomoea Batatas, commonly known as the sweet potato, using innovative and environmentally-compatible Plant Milking technology it is rich in DCQEs (dicaffeoylquinate esters) and targets several mechanisms responsible for under-eye circles and eye bags.

Rootness Awake decreases the release of inflammatory mediators, helps to reduce the microvascular network, ensures skin thickness, strengthens integrity and firmness and reduces under-eye pigmentation and edema or fluid build-up and visibly lightens and rejuvenates the look.

“We are so proud that Rootness Awake has been recognized for both its powerful properties and the environmentally friendly way in which it is harvested. We’ve been on an incredible journey with our partner PAT and it’s wonderful to see the results of this work bearing fruit. Thanks to all the teams who have made this achievement possible,” said Samy El-Khoury, Head of Clariant Actives & Natural Origins.

“Patented Plant Milking technology gives access to the previously inaccessible part of a plant, the roots. It allows plants to grow in aeroponic conditions which makes it possible to stimulate their roots in order to increase the production of compounds of interest, still with an economy of resources as the same plants are harvested several times a year,” added Jean-Paul Fèvre, President of PAT.

Two other Clariant products on the market based on this advanced technology are Rootness Energize and Prenylium®.

Prenylium is a unique white mulberry tree root extract that is a sustainably sourced active ingredient for premium well-aging skincare. It won the PCHi 2020 Fountain Award due to its significant effect on “anti-aging”, while Rootness Energize is an extract of the roots of Luffa cylindrica which promotes skin elasticity to tonicity and firmness. For its innovative production process and its clinical results, Rootness Energize won the bronze prize at the BSB Innovation Awards 2020 in the category "Skin Benefits".


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