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CLARITY™ – Clariant’s Service Portal digitally boosts technical support for 80+ catalyst customers worldwide

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  • CLARITY – Clariant’s Service Portal for catalyst customers enables real-time data exchange and visualization of plant performance
  • Since its launch in 2021, CLARITY has been adopted by more than 80 plants, serving more than 380 active users in 28 countries around the world
  • The service is offered across all Clariant catalyst applications, and has helped optimize plant performance parameters regarding efficiency, sustainability, and safety

MUNICH, DECEMBER 5, 2023 – Clariant, a sustainability-focused specialty chemical company, today announced the favorable adoption and excellent performance of its digital service platform for catalyst customers. Developed by Clariant company Navigance, CLARITY is a cloud-based platform that provides customers 24/7 access to their real-time catalyst performance data as well as access to advanced visualization, analysis, and monitoring tools. The tool supports all Clariant catalyst applications, allowing end-to-end encrypted data sharing, with key performance indicators visualized in customizable dashboards. The user interface also connects customers directly with Clariant’s experts for technical exchange and guidance. Since its launch, CLARITY has been adopted by more than 80 plants, and is serving more than 380 active users in 28 countries around the world.

Lorena Oviol, Head of Applied Catalyst Technology at Clariant, commented, “Our digital service portal CLARITY together with the Applied Catalyst Technology (ACT) team’s know-how brings customer experience to a brand-new level. With Navigance on board, we are uniquely positioned to provide innovative and optimized solutions for our customers improving the way we interact. As competition continues to grow across industries, our state-of-the-art tools and data-driven insights will help our customers to stay ahead in their fields.”

Dominic Riedel, Process Manager at BASF, lauded the implementation of CLARITY as a digital lighthouse project at their steam cracker unit in Ludwigshafen, stating, “CLARITY helps us optimize processes by providing valuable insights for operators and plant engineers through well-organized and customizable dashboards covering all aspects of performance. Compared to cumbersome data sharing via spreadsheets, the automated upload of our data greatly accelerates evaluation.”

Akhmad Firdaus, Plant Manager at Petrowidada (EBER Petrochemical), also praised CLARITY for revolutionizing catalyst performance analysis, saying, “CLARITY has not only simplified catalyst performance analysis, but also provided us with a direct avenue to tap into Clariant’s wealth of expertise. We can now swiftly connect with Clariant experts, enabling seamless two-way communication. It has proven invaluable in addressing challenges and optimizing catalyst performance.”

CLARITY includes useful visualization and optimization tools to improve catalyst-related plant performance such as product yield and feedstock consumption. The platform also accelerates customer support through seamless collaboration with highly qualified Clariant experts that results in a more efficient catalyst operation. Its advantages are confirmed by the high customer adoption rate. CLARITY will undergo continuous development, combining Clariant’s proprietary tools and expertise with Navigance’s data-science and machine learning capabilities, to further advance predictive and prescriptive data analytics for customers.

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