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Clariant launches CLARITY™ Prime. The digital service for AI-powered optimization of catalyst operation

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  • CLARITY™ Prime adds cutting-edge services to Clariant Catalysts’ service portal, based on real-time plant performance data and visualization for customers
  • The premium edition offers machine-learning based catalyst performance projections and health alerting, as well as advanced technical support
  • Indorama is the first producer to implement the new premium service for the operation of Clariant catalysts at their ammonia plant in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

MUNICH, MARCH 6, 2024 – Clariant, a sustainability-focused specialty chemical company, today announced the release of CLARITY Prime, an advanced digital service for syngas plants, an upgrade of its cloud-based service portal CLARITY. Customers subscribing to the premium services benefit from automated catalyst health alerts and machine-learning-based performance projecting tools, combined with advanced technical support to improve the operation of Clariant catalysts. Indorama, as a part of its ongoing digitalization efforts, adds its process knowledge and expertise, becoming the first customer to implement the new CLARITY Prime service at its world-scale ammonia plant in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Lorena Oviol, Head of Applied Catalyst Technology at Clariant, commented, “CLARITY Prime is available for ammonia, methanol, and hydrogen producers and empowers our customers to forecast catalyst performance by combining actual data with predictive scenarios. This allows informed decision-making to improve catalyst operations based on desired timelines and economic considerations. Our advanced tools and services promise to give customers the edge they need in today’s competitive market. We are delighted to have Indorama as the first reference for our new service and look forward to our continued, successful collaboration.”

Deepu Sivadas, Chief Technical Officer & Director at Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals, added, “Our plants are based on state-of-the-art technology, and we believe that digital solutions play a key role in supporting our plant teams to continuously optimize our operation. The initial implementation of CLARITY at our plant was a perfect match for our digitalization strategy as it enhanced the collaboration with Clariant’s catalyst experts. We are excited about the new capabilities of the CLARITY Prime services and with our expertise in safe and efficient operations, we will collaborate and contribute to even further enhancing this digital service to provide a powerful tool for future users.”
Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals, a subsidiary of the Indorama Corporation, operates the world’s largest single-train ammonia plant in Nigeria and is the largest fertilizer producer in Sub-Saharan Africa. Its expansive production complex includes two ammonia plants with a capacity of 2,300 metric tons per day, and two urea plants producing 4,000 metric tons per day.

CLARITY Prime is a cutting-edge software solution combining enhanced customer support and advanced technology. The platform’s “Catalyst Health Alerting” service comprises numerous algorithms that continuously scan for deviations related to catalyst operation and automatically notify customers with guidance and mitigation solutions. Another important feature is the “Catalyst Performance Projection Tool,” which uses machine learning to analyze current and historical operating data and catalyst activity to predict future performance. The interactive tool can be used to evaluate multiple “what if” scenarios and/or identify risks and optimization potentials. Through the platform’s superior service, customers receive dedicated and comprehensive expert support, reviews, and catalyst performance evaluations. CLARITY Prime is available for any plant using Clariant’s ammonia, methanol, or hydrogen plant catalysts, independent of process technology.

Learn more about Clariant’s digital service portal, CLARITY.

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