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Building and construction

The building and construction industry is critical for creating the infrastructure and buildings that support our daily lives. This industry relies on a range of materials and technologies, including construction chemicalsdrilling additivesflame retardantslight and heat stabilizersfoundry additiveswax additivesadhesives and sealantsheat transfer fluids, and building and construction coatings. These materials are used in various applications, including enhancing the durability, strength, and safety of buildings, improving energy efficiency, and reducing environmental impact. The industry's continued innovation in materials and technologies is vital for meeting the evolving demands of modern society while creating sustainable and efficient structures.

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Corporate Sustainability
Going full circle — Circular Economy
At Clariant we are committed to supporting the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry
Going full circle — Circular Economy
did you know?
Our own vision of climate neutrality
We take our role in preventing this scenario seriously. Thus we developped the vision to become climate neutral by 2050