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General industrial

The general industrial industry relies on a wide range of chemical additives to enhance its products and processes. This includes additives for industrial applicationsfoundry additivesheat transfer fluidsindustrial lubricant additivesspecial solventsphosphorus chemicals and waxes for industrial applications. These products play crucial roles in improving efficiency, increasing durability, and reducing environmental impact. From improving lubrication in machinery to enhancing metal casting processes, the use of these additives helps to ensure that the general industrial industry can continue to innovate and produce high-quality products.

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Corporate Sustainability
Going full circle — Circular Economy
At Clariant we are committed to supporting the vision of a more circular economy through sustainable and innovative chemistry
Going full circle — Circular Economy
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Our own vision of climate neutrality
We take our role in preventing this scenario seriously. Thus we developped the vision to become climate neutral by 2050