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Preserve Freshness, Minimize the need for Preservatives, and Help Prolong Shelf Life in Packaged Foods


Oxy-Guard oxygen absorbers absorb available oxygen inside food packaging to help prolong shelf life, maintain product quality, and help reduce food waste. A method of active packaging, Oxy-Guard, can help maintain an oxygen level of less than 0.01% inside a properly sealed package or container.

Product Data Sheet
  • High capacity for oxygen absorption
  • Maintain oxygen level of less than 0.1% inside a properly sealed package or container during the intended shelf life
  • Help maintain taste, texture and freshness while preventing the conditions that may cause mold, microbial growth and rancidity in packaged foods
  • Oxygen absorbers minimize the need for preservatives
  • Fast and long lasting absorption behavior
  • Helps reduce food waste
  • Variety of packet sizes and customized solutions available
  • Safe for direct use with food products
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Why Use Oxygen Absorbers?

Oxygen is the primary pathway to food degradation, which affects flavor, color, smell, texture, and deteriorating vitamin and nutritional value.  Aerobic microorganisms – such as bacteria, mold, and fungi – require oxygen to form and thrive, which ultimately spoils food.  In addition, the unsaturated fats and oils in food are highly susceptible to oxidation which leads to flavor loss and undesirable odors.

Antioxidant preservatives are often added to food products to inhibit oxidation.  Consumers, however, are demanding more organic, preservative-free foods, thus driving the need to address oxidation in the packaging rather than chemically within the food itself.

Clariant’s Oxy-Guard™ oxygen absorbing packets have a high capacity for oxygen absorption. As a result, Oxy-Guard can help maintain an oxygen level of less than 0.01% inside a properly sealed package or container during the intended shelf life. This level is reached within 24 hours at normal temperature.

Typical applications include:
  • Baked goods, breads, tortillas
  • Nuts
  • Dried grains
  • Pastas, beans, rice
  • Processed meats
  • Coffee and tea
  • Chocolates and confectionary
  • Meals ready to eat (MREs)
  • Cheeses and dairy products
  • Powdered proteins/beverages
  • Pet foods and treats
  • Frozen pizzas and meals
Available Configurations

Clariant offers a variety of sizes based on the size of package and the residual air inside. Oxy-Guard is available as either individual packets or as a continuous strip for automatic insertion.

Based on a sealed package with an oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of <40 cc/m2/day


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