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High-Performance Catalyst for Selective Dehydrogenation & Dealkylation of Hydrocarbons to Produce On-Purpose Propylene


Clariant’s CATOFIN catalyst is tailor-made for the production of on-purpose propylene via CATOFIN technology. Based on the Houdry process of catalytic cracking, CATOFIN technology and catalysts allow highly efficient dehydrogenation of isobutane, n-butane, or propane to isobutylene, n-butenes, or propylene, respectively. The reliable, proven process uses fixed-bed reactors and operates at optimum pressure and temperature to maximize catalytic dehydrogenation of alkanes for high yields of alkenes at low costs. 

In operation at numerous propylene facilities worldwide, CATOFIN technology is exclusively licensed by our process partner, Lummus Technology, while the catalysts are solely produced and supplied by Clariant.

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  • CATOFIN is a large scale proven process for on-purpose olefins production with the highest reliability and flexibility
  • Catalyst provides the highest selectivity of propane to propylene 
  • Fast start-up time and high on-stream factor, proven commercially
  • Outstanding Robustness: tolerates lower quality feedstocks and any C3/C4 feed 
  • Heat-Generating Material (HGM) provides additional heat within the catalyst bed: increases selectivity and allows for lower air-inlet temperatures, thus saving energy costs

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